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As a insurance company we've been asked to develop an application that manage some information about our insurance policies and company clients. To do that, we have two services that provide us with all the data needed: * The list of company clients can be found at: * The list of company policies can be found at: With that information, we need to create a Web API that exposes services with some constraints: * Get user data filtered by user id -> Can be accessed by users with role "users" and "admin" * Get user data filterd by user name -> Can be accessed by users with role "users" and "admin" * Get the list of policies linked to a user name -> Can be accessed by users with role "admin" * Get the user linked to a policy number -> Can be accessed by users with role "admin" We have the following constraints: * REST Web API should be developed using MVC WebAPI * Think about licenses of 3d party libraries (if needed) * Authentication and authorization. Take the user role from the web service that returns the list of company clients As our stakeholders are very fussy, here you have some tips: * Usage of last technologies * Solution properly structured * Usage of patterns * Add everything you thing it's needed to ensure product's quality.

backstab icon backstab

A tool to kill antimalware protected processes

backstroke icon backstroke

:swimmer: A Github bot to keep repository forks up to date with their upstream

badassmacros icon badassmacros

BadAssMacros - C# based automated Malicous Macro Generator.

badblood icon badblood

BadBlood by @davidprowe,, fills a Microsoft Active Directory Domain with a structure and thousands of objects. The output of the tool is a domain similar to a domain in the real world. After BadBlood is ran on a domain, security analysts and engineers can practice using tools to gain an understanding and prescribe to securing Active Directory. Each time this tool runs, it produces different results. The domain, users, groups, computers and permissions are different. Every. Single. Time.

badcode icon badcode


badkarma icon badkarma

advanced network reconnaissance toolkit

badlnk icon badlnk

Reverse Shell in Shortcut File (.lnk)

badmod icon badmod

BadMod detect website cms & website scanner =&> Auto exploiter

baidudl icon baidudl

baidudl百度网盘下载脚本插件 Get download links from and you don't need to be afraid of getting your account banned

bamf icon bamf

BAMF (Backdoor Access Machine Farmer)

band.js icon band.js

Band.js - Music composer interface for the Web Audio API.

bandage icon bandage

Dynamically add properties to classes. Ideal for view models in mvc.

bandit icon bandit

Python AST-based static analyzer from OpenStack Security Group

bangsh icon bangsh

A Bash4 Framework for easy app creation

banks-db icon banks-db

Community driven database to get bank info (name, brand color etc.) by bankcard prefix (BIN)

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