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y.kankaya's Projects

barba icon barba

Create badass, fluid and smooth transition between your website's pages.

barn icon barn

Fast, atomic persistent storage layer on top of localstorage

base icon base

Multilingual and modular CMS built with Laravel 5.5

base16 icon base16

An architecture for building themes

baselines icon baselines

OpenAI Baselines: high-quality implementations of reinforcement learning algorithms

bash-oo-framework icon bash-oo-framework

Bash Infinity is a modern boilerplate / framework / standard library for bash

bash-toolbox icon bash-toolbox

Bash-Toolbox is a simple set of functions and instructions that help develop script applications in Bash.

bashblog icon bashblog

A single Bash script to create blogs. Download, run, write, done!

basher icon basher

A package manager for shell scripts.

bashful icon bashful

A collection of modules to simplify writing bash scripts.

bashfuscator icon bashfuscator

A fully configurable and extendable Bash obfuscation framework. This tool is intended to help both red team and blue team.

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