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y.kankaya's Projects

bignumber.js icon bignumber.js

A JavaScript library for arbitrary-precision decimal and non-decimal arithmetic

bilby.js icon bilby.js

Serious functional programming library for JavaScript.

billboard.js icon billboard.js

:bar_chart: Re-usable, easy interface JavaScript chart library based on D3 v4+:chart_with_upwards_trend:

billcipher icon billcipher

Information Gathering tool for a Website or IP address

bin icon bin

Data distribution binning

binary-samples icon binary-samples

Samples of binary with different formats and architectures. A test suite for your binary analysis tools.

binaryalert icon binaryalert

BinaryAlert: Serverless, Real-time & Retroactive Malware Detection

bind icon bind

Function binding utility

binglide icon binglide

Visual reverse engineering tool showing some of the current techniques.

binjection icon binjection

Injects additional machine instructions into various binary formats.

binproxy icon binproxy

BinProxy is a proxy for arbitrary TCP connections. You can define custom message formats using the BinData gem.

biohuman icon biohuman

A Human Character Animator for JavaScript

biosrem icon biosrem

This is a BIOS Wallpaper Remover specially from HP Pavilion G-Series.

birdbrain icon birdbrain

ASP MVC Membership, Role provider for RavenDB

bison-local-data-offline-proxy icon bison-local-data-offline-proxy

This opensource project is the local data request proxy. Written by TypeScript, is used to implement offline browsing of the app. The data proxy will be responsible for data request, creation, destruction and expiration detection. We only need to define the data model and leave the rest to the proxy!

bistro icon bistro

Bistro is a flexible distributed scheduler, a high-performance framework supporting multiple paradigms while retaining ease of configuration, management, and monitoring.

bit-struct icon bit-struct

Library for packed binary data stored in ruby Strings. Useful for accessing fields in network packets and binary files.

bitchanger icon bitchanger

bitcoin icon bitcoin

Bitcoin Core integration/staging tree

bitcoin-api-microservice icon bitcoin-api-microservice

API endpoint that generates new Bitcoin addresses on server, passes public key back to requester and stores the associated private key to a MongoDB database.

bitcoin-wallet icon bitcoin-wallet

Very simple but effective bitcoin wallet, * Open source. * Highly secured. * Work from your private computer * Does not save private data. Use only to send bitcoin from one point to another and to generate unique bitcoin address and private key. The wallet does not save any data, just transfering bitcoin in the blockchain network.

bitcoincashjs icon bitcoincashjs

BitcoinCash.js: The simple, safe, and powerful JavaScript library for Bitcoin Cash.

bitcoind-docker icon bitcoind-docker

A Dockerfile for building a bitcoind docker image from source, with a CentOS 7 base image.

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