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y.kankaya's Projects

advanceddlsupport icon advanceddlsupport

Delegate-based C# P/Invoke alternative - compatible with all platforms and runtimes.

advent icon advent

[Work in Progress] CMS built with ASP.NET MVC 5.

aescrypt icon aescrypt

irssi script which enables AES encryption of chats.

aflplusplus icon aflplusplus

afl++ is afl with community patches, AFLfast power schedules, qemu 3.1 upgrade + laf-intel support, MOpt mutators, InsTrim instrumentation, unicorn_mode, Redqueen and a lot more!

aform icon aform

Web-based dynamic form generator based on given data-source

ag-ve-bilgi-guvenligi-ders-notlari icon ag-ve-bilgi-guvenligi-ders-notlari

Ağ ve Bilgi Güvenliği; Linux & Temel Komutlar, Python, Risk Analizi, Kriptoloji, Stenografi, Zararlı Kod Analizi, Sızma Testi, Pasif Bilgi Toplama, Pasif Bilgi Toplama, Ağ Güvenliği, Zaafiyet Keşfi, Zararlı Kod Oluşturma Yöntemleri, Dijital Adli Analiz, Web Güvenliği, Sosyal Mühendislik Saldırıları, Mobil Sistem Güvenliği konularında sunum ve uygulamaların olduğu ağ ve bilgi güvenliği ders sayfası.

agafi icon agafi

A gadget finder and a ROP-Chainer tool for x86 platforms

agenda icon agenda

Lightweight job scheduling for Node.js

agile-hacking icon agile-hacking

Collection of hacks that make use of the least available on victim systems

agile2010 icon agile2010

An iPhone optimized schedule for Agile Australia 2010

ai-programmer icon ai-programmer

Using artificial intelligence and genetic algorithms to automatically write programs. Tutorial:

aicommits icon aicommits

A CLI that writes your git commit messages for you with AI

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