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y.kankaya's Projects

captcha_killer icon captcha_killer

A small program to save your small precious time by solving the captcha

captcha_solver icon captcha_solver

A program that solves super simple captchas. It was made during a security challenge competition at my school.

captcha_solver-3 icon captcha_solver-3

This is a solver for a very specific kind of CAPTCHAs like those in the test images.

captcha_solver-6 icon captcha_solver-6

This project is to solve captcha image using Tensorflow for Machine learning.

captchasolver-3 icon captchasolver-3 is a python script that expands the functionality of pytesser to solve the numerical captchas used in the creation of Gmail accounts. This was created to automate the task of creating Gmail accounts dynamically.

captchasolver-5 icon captchasolver-5

A simple Captcha Solver which gives little insight into pixel level image manipulation in Java.

captchaswerve icon captchaswerve

Wrapper around CAPTCHA solving services. Currently only supports captchabuster

carbon icon carbon

🎨 Create and share beautiful images of your source code

carbonate icon carbonate

Carbonate 2.0: Now with a SMILES-to-molecule parser, a reasonable API, and some embeddable user interfaces! Summer 2014.

carbonate-simplified icon carbonate-simplified

6.UAP project: Carbonate, with more reactions and more unit tests, and a simplified (easier-to-use?) UI

carbonator icon carbonator

Integris Security Carbonator - The Burp Suite Pro extension that automates scope, spider & scan from the command line. Carbonator helps automate the vulnerability scanning of web applications. Either 1 or 100 web applications can be scanned by issuing a single command. Carbonator is now available from within Burp Suite Pro through the BApp Store.

carboncopy icon carboncopy

A tool which creates a spoofed certificate of any online website and signs an Executable for AV Evasion. Works for both Windows and Linux

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