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cromos icon cromos

Download and Inject code into Google Chrome extensions

cronos icon cronos

Fully-featured .NET library for working with Cron expressions. Built with time zones in mind and intuitively handles daylight saving time transitions

cronos-1 icon cronos-1

PoC for a new sleep obfuscation technique leveraging waitable timers to evade memory scanners.

croogo icon croogo

A CakePHP powered Content Management System

cross-domain-policy-monster-service-jsonp icon cross-domain-policy-monster-service-jsonp

Demonstrates A simple C# .NET MVC web service that creates monsters and returns them in JSON format. Learn how to call the service with JavaScript across domains, for the article: Cross domain policy violation, and how to get around it with JSONP, AJAX, J

cross-env icon cross-env

🔀 Cross platform setting of environment scripts

crossc2 icon crossc2

generate CobaltStrike's cross-platform payload

crowbar icon crowbar

Crowbar is brute forcing tool that can be used during penetration tests. It is developed to support protocols that are not currently supported by thc-hydra and other popular brute forcing tools.

crudify-mongoose icon crudify-mongoose

Simple generator to create RESTful url routes, render forms and handle Create, Read, Update and Delete requests for a given Mongoose model. icon

CruiseControl.NET is an Automated Continuous Integration server, implemented using the .NET Framework.

crunchrat icon crunchrat

HTTPS-based Remote Administration Tool (RAT)

crush icon crush

I'm not an MPlayer, I just Crush a lot.

crx-packer icon crx-packer

CLI Chrome Extension (CRX) Packer written in Python

cry-coder icon cry-coder

A distinctive tool to encrypt all types of files and re-decrypt them with key

cryengine icon cryengine

CRYENGINE is a powerful real-time game development platform created by Crytek.

crykex icon crykex

Linux Memory Cryptographic Keys Extractor

crypter icon crypter

Crypter - Python-based builder and ransomware compiled to Windows executable using PyInstaller

cryptii icon cryptii

Modular online encoding, encryption and conversion tool and framework

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