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y.kankaya's Projects

czar icon czar

A light weight and flexible CMS for node.js with dead simple integration.

d-tech icon d-tech

D-TECT - Pentesting the Modern Web

d-tect icon d-tect

D-TECT - Pentesting the Modern Web

d0xk1t icon d0xk1t

:male_detective: Web-based OSINT and active reconaissance suite

d1rkldr icon d1rkldr

Shellcode Loader with Indirect Dynamic syscall Implementation , shellcode in MAC format, API resolving from PEB, Syscall calll and syscall instruction address resolving at run time

d3-ease icon d3-ease

Easing functions for smooth animation.

d4rkc0de icon d4rkc0de

Mirror of

daas-demo icon daas-demo

A quick-and-dirty PaaS implementation using SQL Server and RavenDB in Linux containers on Kubernetes

dafny icon dafny

Dafny is a verification-aware programming language

daft icon daft

DAFT: Database Audit Framework & Toolkit

dagger.js icon dagger.js

A lightweight html-based runtime web frontend framework

daggy icon daggy

Library for creating tagged constructors.

damm icon damm

Differential Analysis of Malware in Memory

damnwebscanner icon damnwebscanner

Another web vulnerabilities scanner, this extension works on Chrome and Opera

damp icon damp

The Discretionary ACL Modification Project: Persistence Through Host-based Security Descriptor Modification

dancer icon dancer

The easiest way to write web applications with Perl (Perl web micro-framework)

dancer.js icon dancer.js

high-level audio API, designed to make sweet visualizations

dancer2 icon dancer2

Perl Dancer Next Generation (rewrite of Perl Dancer)

dap icon dap

Data Analysis Pipeline

dappforce-subsocial icon dappforce-subsocial

Subsocial is an open protocol for decentralized social networks and marketplaces. It's built with Substrate and IPFS.

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