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devutil icon devutil

:kissing_heart:脚本 hosts文件等

dex icon dex

Index and query analyzer for MongoDB: compares MongoDB log files and index entries to make index recommendations

dex2jar icon dex2jar

Automatically exported from

dfuse icon dfuse

dfuse is a binding for the fuse filesystem library written in D.

dfw1n-osint icon dfw1n-osint

Australian Open Source Intelligence Gathering Resources Australias Largest Open Source Intelligence Resources Repository for Cyber Professionals

dh-cve_2016_2098 icon dh-cve_2016_2098

Proof of concept showing how CVE-2016-2098 leads to remote code execution

dhall-lang icon dhall-lang

A configuration language guaranteed to terminate

dharma icon dharma

A generation-based, context-free grammar fuzzer.

diaphora icon diaphora

Diaphora, the most advanced Free and Open Source program diffing tool.

diaspora icon diaspora

A privacy-aware, distributed, open source social network.

diff icon diff

Calculate diffs between strings.

diffy icon diffy

A tiny framework for building diff based interactive command line tools.

difuze icon difuze

Fuzzer for Linux Kernel Drivers

dinvoke icon dinvoke

Dynamically invoke arbitrary unmanaged code from managed code without P/Invoke.

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