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Yusuke Wada

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Hi! I'm Yusuke Wada, and you can find me under the account name "yusukebe" in almost any place - remember it. I work as a developer, creator, or supervisor. While I don't consider myself a full-stack developer, it appears that's what I am.

I love "web".

Do you like the web?

I have grown up with the growth of "web". I've developed various mash-up services, user-generated content systems, web APIs for mobile apps, and practical CLI tools. Most are like junk, junk, junk... But a few have been utilized by people and have even changed some lives. I'll keep contributing to web.

Just for fun.

Didn't you hear those words somewhere?

I want to be like that teenager who's just starting out with a guitar, eager to own one. He saves up, buys a new acoustic guitar, and then plays Led Zeppelin's "Tangerine" in a park on a mountain top until his hands ache. Just for fun.

What I'm creating

You might say, "What are you creating now?". The answer is:

I'm making a framework everyday.

I'm a creator of Hono. And you can look up others on my GitHub repositories.

Yusuke Wada's Projects

50-algorithms icon 50-algorithms


aoi icon aoi

Web App for sharing, stocking, and finding our plain/markdown texts

app-revealup icon app-revealup

HTTP Server app for viewing Markdown formatted text as slides

bigconcept icon bigconcept

A Big Concept for Next Society. This is just POC.

bun icon bun

Incredibly fast JavaScript runtime, bundler, transpiler and package manager – all in one.

chekera icon chekera

Web Application of YouTube Playlist Viewer using Plack/PSGI. It's an sample one.

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