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Xedroid 5 views are mine added on nov 26 2023 5:26pm 20 followers

Click ' hotkey after copy Pytranscriber Mpv mpvnet-player/ Wizmouse

autostart ahk add shortcut to startup folder FileCreateShortcut, %A_ScriptFullPath%, %A_Startup%\shortcutname.lnk

+LButton::                      ;  Shift + LButton hotkey.

MouseGetPos,,, win          ; Get window under mouse.

; If this window is the taskbar,  mode:="", otherwise mode:="{Blind}".

 mode :=  WinExist("ahk_class Shell_TrayWnd ahk_id " win) ? "" : "{Blind}"

 Send %mode%{LButton Down}   ; Click  down, filtering out Shift if mode="".

KeyWait LButton              ; Wait for button to be  physically released.

Send %mode%{LButton Up}     ; Click up.


Frederik LongReplied on January 30, 2021 How can I move folders from an old computer to a new computer so that I retain the same "Date Modified"?

Try this:

Create a desktop shortcut for cmd.exe.

Double-click this shortcut. You will get a black frame. Type this command and press Enter: robocopy "H:\FolderName" "C:\Users\David\FolderName" /e /w:1 /r:1

robocopy <"source"> <"destination"> /e /w:1 /r:1

marzzzello/mpv_thumbnail_script#22 (comment)

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