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Oleh Raban's Projects

chosen icon chosen

Chosen is a library for making long, unwieldy select boxes more friendly.

express-react-view-engine icon express-react-view-engine

This is *fork* of Express view engine(created by @zpao) which renders React components on server. It renders markup and support MOUNTING those views on the client.

mac-setup icon mac-setup

:rocket: Automatically install, configure, and run the most popular programs of several stacks to work offline on a Mac and in clouds.

stop-russia-it icon stop-russia-it

An open letter from IT industry specialists to protect Ukraine from information warfare. Відкритий лист спеціалістів IT-індустрії на захист України від інформаційної війни.

viewfield icon viewfield

Clone of to support D8 release in

xautocomplete icon xautocomplete

An autocomplete widget. Values can be string or array of strings.

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