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Asako-Studio photo Asako-Studio


awesome-programming-books photo awesome-programming-books


DotNetStack photo DotNetStack

.NET technology stack, including frameworks, platforms, IDE, SDKs, desktop, web, SOA, data, productivity, components, tools etc

EntityFramework photo EntityFramework

Microsoft's recommended data access technology for new applications in .NET.

geektime-nginx photo geektime-nginx


go-common photo go-common

哔哩哔哩 bilibili 网站后台工程 源码

layoutit photo layoutit

基于 bootstrap 实现可视化布局的 离线中文版

microservices photo microservices

Microservices from Design to Deployment 中文版 《微服务:从设计到部署》

MVCDemo photo MVCDemo


neteaseCloudClassroom photo neteaseCloudClassroom

网易云课堂首页模仿:1.纯手写css 2.原生js加兼容,并封装了一个util库,3.没有使用任何的库,适合新手学习原生js

QuickDDD photo QuickDDD


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    A declarative, efficient, and flexible JavaScript library for building user interfaces.

  • Vue.js photo Vue.js

    🖖 Vue.js is a progressive, incrementally-adoptable JavaScript framework for building UI on the web.

  • Typescript photo Typescript

    TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript that compiles to clean JavaScript output.

  • TensorFlow photo TensorFlow

    An Open Source Machine Learning Framework for Everyone

  • Django photo Django

    The Web framework for perfectionists with deadlines.

  • D3 photo D3

    Bring data to life with SVG, Canvas and HTML. 📊📈🎉

Recommend Topics

  • javascript

    JavaScript (JS) is a lightweight interpreted programming language with first-class functions.

  • web

    Some thing interesting about web. New door for the world.

  • server

    A server is a program made to process requests and deliver data to clients.

  • Machine learning

    Machine learning is a way of modeling and interpreting data that allows a piece of software to respond intelligently.

  • Game

    Some thing interesting about game, make everyone happy.

Recommend Org

  • Facebook photo Facebook

    We are working to build community through open source technology. NB: members must have two-factor auth.

  • Microsoft photo Microsoft

    Open source projects and samples from Microsoft.

  • Google photo Google

    Google ❤️ Open Source for everyone.

  • D3 photo D3

    Data-Driven Documents codes.