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Coding Challenge

project description

Your project must be done accordingly to microservice principle. Create 4 microservices: PostgreSQL Database, Redis, Celery Worker and REST API server(based on FastAPI). Your project must be runnable with docker-compose.

project goals

  1. based on this dataset create database schema. To create database schema use SQLAlchemy.
  2. dataset must be loaded into database in celery task when system is bootstrapped. When docker containers are created for the first time, celery must run a boostrap task that will download dataset and insert it into database. Before dataset is inserted You must make sure that database schema is created.
  3. Expose REST API and allow to filter dataset, design some filters of Your choice, for example: category, race or sex. But feel free to propose others too. The REST API needs to return filtered dataset and link to chart.
  4. When REST API will be used, a celery task must be scheduled which will create a chart with plotly. Chart must be saved on the disk, information about it saved to database.
  5. Chart needs to represent a filtered dataset. You must show average values for grades of all school subjects from dataset.
  6. Expose an endpoint which will return chart created with plotly(IMAGE), endpoint has to use the id returned by REST API.
  7. Create a Diagram/Blueprint representing Your system implementation.
  8. Create unit tests.
  9. Create integration test. You must test this scenario: Your REST API is used, celery task is executed, You must make sure that chart image is available.


I will rate You project based on commits history, code comments and description, simplicity, tests and blueprint. You don't need to upload the whole dataset, it is opposite, clean it and transform it if needed, we don't want to put trash to database. Read dataset description from website, make sure You know the data You can use jupyter-notebook to analyze the dataset first

project data

Use this dataset

technologies that must include

  1. Python3.8 or higher
  2. FastAPI
  3. Docker and docker-compose
  4. Plotly
  5. Celery
  6. Redis
  7. PostgreSQL
  8. SQLAlchemy
  9. Pydantic

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