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Your GitHub Learning Lab Repository for Intro to HTML

Welcome to your repository for your GitHub Learning Lab course. This repository will be used during the different activities that I will be guiding you through.

Oh! I haven't introduced myself...

I'm the GitHub Learning Lab bot and I'm here to help guide you in your journey to learn and master the various topics covered in this course. I will be using Issue and Pull Request comments to communicate with you. In fact, I already added an issue for you to check out.

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I'll meet you over there, can't wait to get started!

This repository is licensed under MIT (c) 2019 GitHub, Inc. Photo by Kelli Tungay on Unsplash

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Let's build your first webpage

HTML is the markup language that forms the backbone of the internet. In this course, you will learn how to build a clean, stunning webpage using HTML which you can set as your browser's default start page. This is only the first step in your journey, but it will form an important foundation in your journey as a new developer.

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What is HTML?

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. HTML is not a programming language. It is simply a way to describe the structure of your website. Your web browser reads the HTML document and displays it in the window.

Where does your website begin?

When someone enters your web address, the web standards will automatically look for a file called index.html and display it in your browser. Most people call this your home page.

Step 1: Hosting your webpage

It isn't enough to simply create a webpage on GitHub. You must deploy your webpage to a web host that is connected to the internet. For this course we will use GitHub Pages, but you could publish the HTML to any static host.

⌨️ Activity: Turn on GitHub Pages

  1. Under your repository name, click Settings.
  2. In the GitHub Pages section, use the Select source drop-down menu to select master as your GitHub Pages publishing source.
  3. Return to this issue.

I may take up to a minute to respond as I wait for GitHub Pages to create a deployment of your repository. If you don't see anything after a minute, refresh this page.

For more information, see Configuring a publishing source for GitHub Pages in the GitHub Help.

I'll respond in this issue after GitHub Pages has finished deploying your site.

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