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Shogo Ohta's Projects

specium icon specium

Inverse of s/form, reducing eval calls as much as possible

spectrace icon spectrace

clojure.spec (spec.alpha) library aiming to be a fundamental tool for analyzing spec errors

stacktracer icon stacktracer

A small development utility to print stack trace with code context

sweet-array icon sweet-array

Array manipulation library for Clojure with "sweet" array type notation and more safety by static types

symbol-analyzer icon symbol-analyzer

Clojure code analyzer that tells us how each symbol is being used in the code

task-jockey icon task-jockey

Pueue-like task management tool implemented in Clojure

tetrlang icon tetrlang

an esoteric language inspired by Tetris

trenchman icon trenchman

A standalone nREPL/prepl client written in Go and heavily inspired by Grenchman

type-infer icon type-infer

A Clojure utility to inspect static types inferred by the Clojure compiler

vim icon vim

:star: Vim for Visual Studio Code

vscode-memo-life-for-you icon vscode-memo-life-for-you

This extension is for executing some commands of memo (Memo Life For You) from VS Code.

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