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Beautiful responsive email templates with code as beautiful as email templates can be

Home Page:

License: MIT License

antwort's Introduction


Responsive Layouts for Email

Responsive Layouts for Email

Antwort offers responsive layouts for Email that both fits and adapts to client widths. Don't underwhelm desktop users with single column layouts that work for mobile. Antwort offers columns on desktop that automatically become rows on mobile.

Author: Julie Ng (@jng5)
Date: January 2013
Version: 0.1.2


  • Works on mobile: Mail on iOS and Email on Android.
  • Works in major clients like Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo! and AOL.
  • Even works in Outlook (2000+).
  • Bulletproof layouts: made with dynamic content in mind.
  • Minimalist in design for maximum customizability.
  • More details on Antwort site »

How to use

  1. Read tips and coding style guidelines.
  2. Test with Litmus.
  3. Send!

Tools and Resources



  • Fixed issue #8 - headlines no longer centered in and older Outlook.
  • Fixed issue #7 - moved padding overrides to parent <td> in mobile styles.


  • Fixed column margin issue after Hotmail/Outlook dropped margin support.
  • Issue #5 fixed - parses HTML tags in comments.
  • Issue #3 fixed - control characters removed from template.
  • Added screenshots of current version from Litmus test.


  • Hello open source world.


  • Download and resize your browser window to see its responsiveness.
  • View demo screenshots to see how it looks in various Email clients, including Android 2.3, Outlook 2000, Apple Mail, etc.

"Email Client Compatibility Preview"

Screenshots generated by Litmus. Last updated 26 March 2013 (v0.1.1)


Antwort is provided under the MIT License - see for full details.

antwort's People


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