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Hi there, I'm Mehdi welcome to my profile.

  • I am a Software Engineer, Living in London, and a Huge Rust and Go enthusiast.

  • Mostly interested in projects involving (but not limited to) Compilers, Programming languages, Developer tools ...

  • I want to contribute more to open source projects (other than the ones that I create), and upload more educational videos and live streams to Youtube and hopefully blog more regularly.

  • I am pationate about teaching people what I learned, So if you have a project involving teaching people new things, feel free to reach out.

Mehdi Cheracher's Projects

kattis icon kattis

Solutions to Kattis OJ problems

maybe icon maybe

A probabilistic data structures library written in Go

miru icon miru

A job that watches HTTP resources and notifies the user when unexpected changes occur.

money-transfer-api icon money-transfer-api

A minimalistic sample of a money transfer api made for the Revolut coding challenge.

msearch icon msearch

a simple search engine built with python

petra icon petra

E-learning platform, SMART class Application

quickp icon quickp

This is a Micro Php Framework based on the MVC Design pattern, it's built For small school or enterprise projects

quik icon quik

A Fast library for JSON encoding for the JVM

redhope icon redhope

platform for managing blood donation, and stock inside blood transfusion centers .

rqlite icon rqlite

The lightweight, distributed relational database built on SQLite

rustlings icon rustlings

:crab: Small exercises to get you used to reading and writing Rust code!

simple-orm icon simple-orm

a Simple ORM for java based applications (for learning puposes)

skimo icon skimo

A cpp file inliner, replace relative include statements with their actual code.

spotify-ish icon spotify-ish

A demo for a simple microservices architecture built on top of helidon

xparser icon xparser

library for parsing XML into Java Objects

zulus icon zulus

The next generation competitive programming platform

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