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A Command line tool for automating testing and task generation for competitive programmers

License: MIT License

Python 96.97% C++ 0.39% Java 2.64%
cli competitive-programming python

egor's Introduction

Hi there, I'm Mehdi welcome to my profile.

  • I am a Software Engineer, Living in London, and a Huge Rust and Go enthusiast.

  • Mostly interested in projects involving (but not limited to) Compilers, Programming languages, Developer tools ...

  • I want to contribute more to open source projects (other than the ones that I create), and upload more educational videos and live streams to Youtube and hopefully blog more regularly.

  • I am pationate about teaching people what I learned, So if you have a project involving teaching people new things, feel free to reach out.

egor's People


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egor's Issues

Time/Memory/Output limit

We can't just run the code without any time/memory/output limit.

Also I suggest adding a ProcessManager which manages calling out os processes and getting out the output/error streams, manage limits, exceptions, etc...

Watch mode

Add watcher mode that watches the main file of each task in the contest and recompile/run the code if necessary. The watcher should be able to:

  • Watch files for any modification (Including changing current tests or adding new tests)
  • Add a file called ".task_metadata.json" in each task folder to keep track of tests and template link, etc.
  • Hash files before running + keep track of old runs = Don't rerun if it's the same test/code
  • Log all of these compiling/running to the user. If passed just show "PASSED" in green, if not print "FAILED:" and print the two outputs failing. (Limit the output to 1000 lines if necessary)

Custom templates

Add the ability to use templates from templates with some good features:

  • Ability to specify these templates in ~/.egor as EGOR_JAVA_TEMPLATE, or as an env variable
  • Inject metadata about the task into the template so that people can use them in comments or in logging. {TASK_NAME}, {TASK_LINK}.

Add custom test cases

User must be able to add custom test cases, and he can specify the output file as well as no output file at all if he only wishes to run a case which he don't have the correct output.

Exact libraries version in requirement.txt

I don't see why it's needed to have an exact version of a plugin/library in requirement.txt (using ==)
I think using a range based restriction would be a better idea.
The priority of this is very low for now, but let's keep that in mind.

Code linter

Add a code linter library to:

  • Avoid multiple collaborators adding different code styles
  • Enforce writing module/class/methods comments

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