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Eric S. Bullington's Projects

addict icon addict

User registration lib for Phoenix Framework

aflex icon aflex

Aflex the Ada fast lexical analyser generator

allen icon allen

An utility library to manipulate strings in Lua

awesome-react icon awesome-react

A collection of awesome React libraries, resources and shiny things.

bintools icon bintools

Basic binary utils meta-package (ncp, rimraf, mkdirp) for Node.js, for use in cross-platform NPM scripts

bitcoin icon bitcoin

Bitcoin Core integration/staging tree

bs-abstract icon bs-abstract

Bucklescript interfaces and implementations for category theory and abstract algebra

bs-css icon bs-css

Statically typed DSL for writing css in reason.

bs-decode icon bs-decode

Type-safe JSON decoding for ReasonML and OCaml

bs-deriving icon bs-deriving

Type-driven code generation for OCaml, ReasonML, and BuckleScript

bs-xml icon bs-xml

DOM Document decoder for BuckleScript

btcd-packaging icon btcd-packaging

Packaging tools for creating signed, multiarchitecture btcd deb files and binaries

canonicalcards icon canonicalcards

Review cards (eventually) spanning the core computer science concepts. Built with React.

fetch icon fetch

A window.fetch JavaScript polyfill.

fetchit icon fetchit

Browser http client library with binary streaming, inspired by the W3C Fetch API spec

flask-bootstrap icon flask-bootstrap

A Flask app template with integrated SQLAlchemy, authentication, and Bootstrap frontend

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