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npm-shell-login's Introduction

NPM Shell Login

Whenever you're using a CI service, or containers, you may face the problem of login to npm. The usually offered solution to do npm login -e | echo ... doesn't work on all shells. This package offers a reliable solution to perform npm login in any shell, from any script.


  • define environment variables for your credentials :
# replace ~/bash_profile with ~/.zshrc if you're using zsh
# fill in the <values below>

$ echo "export NPM_USER=<npm_username>" >> ~/.bash_profile
$ echo "export NPM_PASS=<npm_password>" >> ~/.bash_profile
$ echo "export NPM_EMAIL=<npm_email>" >> ~/.bash_profile
$ source ~/.bash_profile
  • make sure you have node ^8.11.3 and npm ^5.5.0
  • run $ npx npm-shell-login

If the command is successful, you are logged in to npm, and it will output the npm token created by the login process in your ~/.npmrc file should you need it somewhere else

You can also use this in another js script:

const { npmLogin, getNPMToken } = require("npm-shell-login");

// npmLogin returns a promise which resolves with the response code from
// the login process
// if it's 0, all went well, if not, the login failed
// it will only reject if the child process times out (20 seconds)
const code = await npmLogin();
if (code === 0) { /* yay ! */ }
else { /* oh no ! */ }

// getNPMToken will return a promise with the token from your ~/.npmrc file
const token = await getNPMToken();


PRs for bug fixes, enhancements and new features are welcome !

Simply clone the repo, and run yarn to install dependencies. You can run the script locally by running $ node index.js

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