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jordwalke avatar jordwalke commented on October 3, 2023


What are you thinking as a substitute? We should cover in-browser transforms as well as something like require.js (with or without in-browser transforms). Have you thought of using the Module.react.js convention? If we went with that, all the editors will not break.

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zpao avatar zpao commented on October 3, 2023

Well, we need to consider if we want JSX to be general purpose. As we talk about pulling it into it's own project we need to think about how it'll get used. If we want to keep with this idea that it's generic and you can plug in any "namespace", then we need to keep that working. Right now the transform takes @jsx Namespace and uses that to turn <div> into Namespace.div. But then we also have to make sure we support other transforms (e.g. React's displayName) that will be tool specific. Also, if I plug in a pure wrapper that does document.createElement, then I don't want to support custom components.

If we didn't have the concern of supporting other targets, then I would just say we'll transform anything that's type="text/jsx" and *.jsx on the command line (or *.react.js).

For the in-browser transform, we talked about doing something like <script src="file.js" type="text/jsx" data-jsx-namespace="React.DOM"></script>. Still doesn't quite solve the multiple transform possibilities without a map from namespace to transforms (React.DOM would use react and reactDisplayName).

For bin/jsx we could start accepting a list of transforms? If we assume JSX is a separate package, it ships the jsx executable. Then React would depend on JSX. React could ship the set of transforms it needs and maybe create a customized reactjsx executable that is basically just an alias to jsx --transform react --transform reactDisplayName $1 or whatever.

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ericclemmons avatar ericclemmons commented on October 3, 2023

Would the noise be so bad if it didn't have to be first (or specially structured)?

 * MyComponent
 * This will render a super awesome component!
 * @param object
 * @returns object
 * @jsx React.DOM
var MyComponent = (function(React) {
  return React.createClass({ ... });

Besides that, I've been using .jsx. I would assume anything explicitly passed to bin/jsx or the transform script wouldn't have to check for the docblock...

from react.

zpao avatar zpao commented on October 3, 2023

That long docblock should just work right now actually :) We aren't that strict about the format so long as it's in the first docblock in the file. I haven't tested but if that doesn't work, let me know.

And that assumption that anything passed to bin/jsx just works is a good one to make. But it doesn't actually work right now :/

from react.

sophiebits avatar sophiebits commented on October 3, 2023

Related to #832.

from react.

syranide avatar syranide commented on October 3, 2023

I'd say #1551 is kind of related too, if we go that way.

from react.

syranide avatar syranide commented on October 3, 2023


from react.

fyyyyy avatar fyyyyy commented on October 3, 2023

this change really disturbed my jsx usage for mithril. have to see if the new version will work somehow

from react.

sophiebits avatar sophiebits commented on October 3, 2023

@fyyyyy You can continue to use react-tools 0.11 or make your own custom transformer, like

from react.

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