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nmain avatar nmain commented on October 3, 2023 1

@sylsaint React's reuse of the DOM node here is expected given the reconciliation algorithm's specifications and constraints, and the way you've structured your JSX. You're returning the same VDOM structure each time with a <button> in the same place, but only the attributes on it are different.

The docs go into a lot of depth on this sort of scenario

from react.

nmain avatar nmain commented on October 3, 2023

The corresponding no-framework code:

<form><button type="button">Click me</button></form>
document.querySelector("button").addEventListener("click", e => {"type", "submit"); });

will do the exact same thing and also fire the submit event. So isn't this the intended behavior? If it's not what you want, your proposed workaround with key is probably the cleanest.

from react.

gaearon avatar gaearon commented on October 3, 2023

Hm yea this seems confusing but matches how the DOM works. I think I'll close this.

from react.

sylsaint avatar sylsaint commented on October 3, 2023

@nmain Your code is based on the the same DOM node, it's ok. But in react they are actually different node, during render process, react reuse last DOM node, just modify its properties.

from react.

sylsaint avatar sylsaint commented on October 3, 2023

@gaearon Yes, it's confusing. But actually it's caused by react that reused the same DOM node for different buttons.

from react.

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