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zpao avatar zpao commented on June 21, 2024

Indeed. This is deceptive and you got a really bad error message. We need to fix that (amongst other things).

Right now scripts need to be prefixed with a docblock to assist the transformer. The fact that it's missing here is causing it to not recognize that it should be converting to JSX. We very much want to fix this ASAP. Sorry that it's causing you issues!

In the mean time, just prefixing your code with this docblock should fix your problem. Please close this out if it does.

 * @jsx React.DOM

or the condensed version will work too

/** @jsx React.DOM */

from react.

aarongrando avatar aarongrando commented on June 21, 2024

This works, thanks tremendously.

from react.

homleen avatar homleen commented on June 21, 2024

Meet this problem too. Maybe it should be warned in the documentation.

from react.

petehunt avatar petehunt commented on June 21, 2024

Follow up: we've updated to stress this in several places. Hopefully it's okay now.

from react.

bthibault avatar bthibault commented on June 21, 2024

wow, took me a while to track this down . Can we just fix this the right way?

from react.

sophiebits avatar sophiebits commented on June 21, 2024

I'd like to change the default file extension to .jsx and then transform JSX regardless of if the docblock is present; see #832.

from react.

bthibault avatar bthibault commented on June 21, 2024


from react.

NSAKHAN avatar NSAKHAN commented on June 21, 2024

Tried with new version .11.rc, seems no fix in this version! Am I missing something?

<script src=""></script> <script src=""></script>

from react.

syranide avatar syranide commented on June 21, 2024

@NSAKHAN It's not supposed to work (right now), you're trying to return multiple components for the root, you can only return one.

EDIT: Oh wait, this was for the docblock, you need to add /** @jsx React.DOM */ at the top of your files.

from react.

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