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cordova-offline-demo's Introduction Cordova offline demo

This repository demonstrates how a cordova application without using a framework like Angular, React or Vue, can use the offline plugin.

Formio Offline Plugin Access

In order to be able to compile and run this application you must have access to the formiojs-plugin-offline repository. To get access you must have an Enterprise project on and request access from [email protected].


npm install
cordova requirements

Make sure all of the cordova requirements are fulfilled before proceeding.

To do a build, run the following:

cordova build ios
cordova emulate ios

You can switch cordova to android as well.


While this repo uses almost entirely vanilla javasript to implement the offline plugin, we did need to add a basic router. Navigo is a very simple router that has no dependencies so it fit the bill. Feel free to use a different router such as one that comes with your framework of choice.

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