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react-webpack icon react-webpack

A starter template for building with React, Gulp and Webpack

react-window icon react-window

React components for efficiently rendering large lists and tabular data

reactopt icon reactopt

A CLI React performance optimization tool that identifies potential unnecessary re-rendering

reactview icon reactview

reactview lets you instantly view (and hot reload) any react component in your browser

redial icon redial

Universal data fetching and route lifecycle management for React etc.

redux-auth-wrapper icon redux-auth-wrapper

A React Higher Order Component (HOC) for handling Authentication and Authorization with Redux and React-Router

redux-form icon redux-form

An ES7 decorator for forms using Redux and React

redux-immutable icon redux-immutable

redux-immutable is used to create an equivalent function of Redux combineReducers that works with Immutable.js state.

redux-loop icon redux-loop

Sequence your effects naturally and purely by returning them from your reducers.

redux-optimist icon redux-optimist

Optimistically apply actions that can be later commited or reverted.

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