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This project forked from alexkuz/react-transform-debug-inspector

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React inspector tranformation function for babel-plugin-wrap-react-components

License: MIT License

JavaScript 100.00%

react-transform-debug-inspector's Introduction


React inspector tranformation function for babel-plugin-react-transform

(this feels like more of a demo than a real thing for now, but anyway)


$ npm i -D react-transform-debug-inspector

Update your .babelrc:

  "plugins": ["babel-plugin-react-transform"],
  "extra": {
    "babel-plugin-react-transform": [{
      "target": "react-transform-debug-inspector"

If you need advanced settings, add path to config module:

  "extra": {
    "babel-plugin-react-transform": [{
      "target": "react-transform-debug-inspector",
      "imports": ["./debug/inspectorConfig"]

Config example:

// import styles for json tree
import 'style!css!react-object-inspector/react-object-inspector.css';

function getMyPanel(component) {
  // custom components are allowed
  return <h1>This is a {}</h1>;

let _enabled = false;

export default {
  // add your custom panels ('props', 'state', 'context' by default)
  getPanels: defaultPanels => [{
    name: 'myPanel',
    getData: getMyPanel
  }, ...defaultPanels],

  // enable or disable inspector with key binding or whatever
  enabledTrigger: enable => {
    window.addEventListener('keydown', e => {
      if (e.keyCode === 49 && e.metaKey) {
        _enabled = !_enabled;
    // another example: enable('debug') !== -1)

  // filter components that don't need inspector
  showPin: component => true

react-transform-debug-inspector's People


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