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Jazzband's Projects

.github icon .github

Community health and config files for Jazzband

actions icon actions

Various GitHub actions for Jazzband projects

admin icon admin

Some admin files for Jazzband

contextlib2 icon contextlib2

contextlib2 is a backport of the standard library's contextlib module to earlier Python versions.

django-authority icon django-authority

A Django app that provides generic per-object-permissions for Django's auth app and helpers to create custom permission checks.

django-axes icon django-axes

Keep track of failed login attempts in Django-powered sites.

django-categories icon django-categories

This app attempts to provide a generic category system that multiple apps could use. It uses MPTT for the tree storage and provides a custom admin for better visualization (copied and modified from feinCMS).

django-configurations icon django-configurations

A helper for organizing Django project settings by relying on well established programming patterns.

django-cookie-consent icon django-cookie-consent

Reusable application for managing various cookies and visitors consent for their use in Django project.

django-dbbackup icon django-dbbackup

Management commands to help backup and restore your project database and media files

django-dbtemplates icon django-dbtemplates

Django template loader for database stored templates with extensible cache backend

django-ddp icon django-ddp

Django/PostgreSQL implementation of the Meteor server.

django-debug-toolbar icon django-debug-toolbar

A configurable set of panels that display various debug information about the current request/response.

django-defender icon django-defender

A simple super fast django reusable app that blocks people from brute forcing login attempts

django-discover-jenkins icon django-discover-jenkins

A streamlined fork of django-jenkins designed to work with the default test command and the discover runner

django-embed-video icon django-embed-video

Django app for easy embedding YouTube and Vimeo videos and music from SoundCloud.

django-flatblocks icon django-flatblocks

django-chunks + headerfield + variable chunknames + "inclusion tag" == django-flatblocks

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