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Juan Ríos's Projects

algorithms-robotics icon algorithms-robotics

A set of robotics algorithms dealing with AI problems of different nature: perception, localization, path planning, trajectory prediction, etc.

anypixel icon anypixel

A web-friendly way for anyone to build unusual displays icon

This is a test to develop a personal site hosted in Github. Among the stack I use Jekyll and markdown.

behavioral-cloning icon behavioral-cloning

Behavioral cloning with deep convolutional neural networks used to clone driving behavior in a simulated world.

calculator-react icon calculator-react

A calculator built on the React framework. Includes electron instructions to use it on Linux desktop

chime icon chime

Music from motion using artificial intelligence and gesture recognition technology

circuitpython_projects icon circuitpython_projects

This repository illustrates different features of CircuitPython implemented as short duration projects

codecamp icon codecamp

Web development exploration using the platform

computer_vision_algorithms icon computer_vision_algorithms

This repo contains a collection of computer vision algorithms as explained and developed in several sources. For instance,

deep-dream icon deep-dream

Deep dream experiments in the creation of dreamy, mind bending fractal imaging using deep neural networks.

dog-breed-classifier icon dog-breed-classifier

Dog breeding detection with Convolutional neural networks. The final detection pipeline predicts the breed of an animal identified in a picture supplied by the user.

dotfiles icon dotfiles

A compilation of dotfiles using on my Linux installations

health icon health

Webapp to track different aspects of your health and track them in the long run

json-youtube-export icon json-youtube-export

Json-youtube-export allows easy conversion from the CSV format export from YouTube subscriptions to a valid JSON format to be imported in NewPipe, an open source and lightweight YouTube alternative for Android phones

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