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This project forked from acoomans/achalloween

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A library with halloween-themed animations for iOS.

License: MIT License

achalloween's Introduction


A library with halloween-themed animations for iOS.


Glowing label

ACGlowingLabel: a glowing UILabel (spooky!)

screenshot label


ACFingerprintsView: a UIView that shows fingerprints when tapped (scary!). Fingerprints fade after a few seconds.

screenshot fingerprints


ACBloodtrailView: a UIView showing blood trails falling from the top (gore!). When they reach the bottom of the view, the bloodtrail disappear. Also, blood disappears if you tap with your finger on the trail.

screenshot bloodtrail


This is old code from a zombie app I worked on years ago (when I was young, foolish and unexperienced) and I found it back recently. It was never released and I tought now might be the good time (Halloween) to do so. That being said, I adapted it to make it work again but be warned it's probably not the best code ever.

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