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Hi there 🔭

I'm a Ph.D. candidate in Perceptual Robotics 🤖, I focus my research on high-level controls for autonomous vehicles, both terrestrials 🏎️ and aerials 🛸, but I also enjoy Embedded programming and low-level controls!

I's with great sorrow that I cannot share most of my Ph.D.-related code with the entire world, but if you've reached my Github from some of my research works, please feel free to take contact with me.

You can find me on Linkedin!


Michael Mugnai's Projects

docker-openvpn icon docker-openvpn

🔒 OpenVPN server in a Docker container complete with an EasyRSA PKI CA

dotfiles icon dotfiles

My personal linux configurations, both for Archlinux with and without GUI, and Ubuntu in WLS2. icon

Instagram bot. It works without instagram api, need only login and password. Write on python.

jekyll-feed icon jekyll-feed

:memo: A Jekyll plugin to generate an Atom (RSS-like) feed of your Jekyll posts

jetsondynamixel icon jetsondynamixel

Library that allows to control Dynamixel motors (currently AX-12) direclty from Jetson via UART through a 74LS241 dual buffer.

jetsongpio icon jetsongpio

A straightforward library to interface with the Jetson TK1, TX1 and TX2 GPIO pins

linear-kalman icon linear-kalman

A simple yet effective implementation of a Linear Kalman filter using Eigen.

mender-convert icon mender-convert

An easy way to integrate the Mender client into an existing image

python-onvif-zeep icon python-onvif-zeep

ONVIF Client Implementation in Python 2+3 (using instead of suds as SOAP client)

screeps-py icon screeps-py

my Python AI for screeps, the JavaScript MMO game

timesaver_stm32 icon timesaver_stm32

Just a cooking timer (or a Pomodoro timer, if you want), but written in Rust!

vision_to_mavros icon vision_to_mavros

A collection of ROS and non-ROS (Python) code that converts data from vision-based system (external localization system like fiducial tags, VIO, SLAM, or depth image) to corresponding mavros topics or MAVLink messages that can be consumed by a flight control stack (with working and tested examples for ArduPilot).

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