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Herein lieth a glimpse of some of the tech I have worked with, some glittery as gold, others a little bit old. My treasures however are kept back to behold.

{ 🐘 ▾ } Bits-n-bytes software engineer and architect - forever learning/exploring - from hardware/firmware/kernel to enterprise architecture - innovator at heart - #IoT #IoS #SaaS #cloud #architect

Skill Rank Notes
Languages Assembly, Fortran, Cobol, Nataural Adabas, RPG, C++ C, C#, Dart, Swift, Objective-C, Java, GOLANG, Javascript, Python 9 +
Frameworks .NET, SwiftUI, ASP, Angular, React Native, Flutter, Node, JavaEE, Spring, Logging, MFC, STL 9 *
Cloud AWS, Azure, GCP 9 *
OS Windows, macOs, Linux, CTOS/BTOS 9 *
Architecture Enterprise & Solution 9 *
Hardware STMICRO*, ESP*, nRF*, Arduino, ARM, Intel, rPi*, Mainframe 9 *
Software Algorithmics RiskMapper and MetaDB Server, Asset Management WorkBench for Ecomomists & Actuaries, Digiview, First Virtual Machine, SARS Modernization, Performance & Scalability, Poker Engines, High performance network servers 9 *

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James Pereira's Projects

revenj icon revenj

DSL Platform compatible backend

richeditorview icon richeditorview

RichEditorView is a simple, modular, drop-in UIView subclass for Rich Text Editing.

safe icon safe

Modern Concurrency and Synchronization for Swift.

sentinel icon sentinel

A fork of the original Sentinel project by Ray Hayes (

sinf_onlinestore icon sinf_onlinestore

Projeto final da unidade curricular de Sistemas de Informação - Desenvolvimento de uma loja online baseada no ERP Primavera

sinq icon sinq

LINQ for Swift - Swift Integrated Query

siren icon siren

Notify users when a new version of your iOS app is available, and prompt them with the App Store link. Siren is a Swift port of the Objective-C 'Harpy' project.

slackdesk icon slackdesk

An alternative Slack client written in Swift

slackkit icon slackkit

a Slack client library for iOS and OS X written in Swift

speechalarm icon speechalarm

Using the Emic 2 Text to Speech to create an alarm with Gadgeteer

speedtest icon speedtest

Command line client for written in Go

splash icon splash

A fast, lightweight and flexible Swift syntax highlighter for blogs, tools and fun!

spring icon spring

A library to simplify iOS animations in Swift.

sqlconnect icon sqlconnect

A library for connecting iOS applications to Microsoft SQL Server

sqldiagcmd icon sqldiagcmd

Standalone (no install required) runner for Glenn Berry's SQL Server Diagnostic Scripts

sqlite-global-tool icon sqlite-global-tool

SQLite .NET Core global tool project that provides a simple command-line program that allows the user to manually enter and execute SQL statements with or without showing query results against an SQLite database.

stats icon stats

macOS system monitor in your menu bar

stocksharp icon stocksharp

Trading and algorithmic trading open source platform (stock markets, forex, bitcoins and options).

strbld icon strbld

Basic tests to optimise fast CSV generation.

subway icon subway

Subway is a set of 306 pixel perfect crafted icons optimized for iOS, Apple Watch, Windows and BlackBerry 10.

swift icon swift

Reusable apps code. Written in Swift

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