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fbpcp icon fbpcp

FBPCP (Facebook Private Computation Platform) is a secure, privacy safe and scalable architecture to deploy MPC (Multi Party Computation) applications in a distributed way on virtual private clouds. FBPCF (Facebook Private Computation Framework) is for scaling MPC computation up via threading, while FBPCP is for scaling MPC computation out via Private Scaling architecture.

fbpcs icon fbpcs

FBPCS (Facebook Private Computation Solutions) leverages secure multi-party computation (MPC) to output aggregated data without making unencrypted, readable data available to the other party or any third parties. Facebook provides impression & opportunity data, and the advertiser provides conversion / outcome data. Both parties have dedicated cloud computing instances living on separate Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs) that are connected to allow network communication. The FBPMP products that have been implemented are Private Lift and Private Attribution. It’s expected that more products will be implemented and added to the Private Measurement suite.

gpupgrade icon gpupgrade

Greenplum Database major version upgrade utility called gpupgrade

human-protein-atlas icon human-protein-atlas

Human Protein Atlas Image Classification - Classify subcellular protein patterns in human cells

islr icon islr

A study group around Tibshirani and Hastie's Introduction to Statistical Learning

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