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Matthew Costabile's Projects

cookies icon cookies

Manage request/response cookies in the environments where those are not supported.

daily-constitutional icon daily-constitutional

A Rails-based app for collecting articles from RSS feeds and displaying them in a simple manner, with weather and train information

datepicker icon datepicker

A accessible react datepicker component implemented with css-in-js, lots of hooks and contexts

headers-polyfill icon headers-polyfill

A Fetch API "Headers" polyfill. Construct and operate with headers in Node.js and browser in the same way.

interceptors icon interceptors

Low-level HTTP/HTTPS/XHR/fetch request interception library.

map_route icon map_route

A Route Planning Tool Based on Google Maps, Directions, Places APIs

msw icon msw

Seamless REST/GraphQL API mocking library for browser and Node.

next-wasm-workers icon next-wasm-workers

Example repo for getting NextJS, Rust via wasm-pack, and web workers all playing nicely together.

outvariant icon outvariant

Type-safe implementation of invariant with positionals.

presidential_election_analysis icon presidential_election_analysis

Presentation of vote allocation possibilities from 1964 - 2016 US Presidential Elections based on the actual popular vote and electoral vote outcomes.

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