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config-load's Introduction


Load config from a tree of JS/JSON files

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npm install config-load


var configLoad = require('config-load');

configLoad([path] [, options])

Loads all JS/JSON config files under path, recursively gathering them from the tree structure.

Uses require-folder-tree - see docs for that for explanation of how files are loaded.

If path is not provided, defaults to process.cwd() + '/config'.



Environment type - creates a selector (see below).

Defaults to process.env.NODE_ENV || 'development'


Object determining what parts of the config object to switch dependent on selectors provided.

Defaults to { env: options.env }


If config file parsing produces:

    db: {
        server: 'localhost',
        database: 'myDB'
    env: {
        development: {
            db: {
                password: 'dev db password'
        production: {
            db: {
                password: 'production db password'
    otherSetting: 'foo'

Then calling:

configLoad(path, { selectors: { env: 'development' } } )


    db: {
        server: 'localhost',
        database: 'myDB',
        password: 'dev db password'
    otherSetting: 'foo'
null value

If a selector's value is null, it takes the name key only.

If config file parsing produces:

    url: '',
    local: {
        url: ''
configLoad(path, { selectors: { local: null } } )


    url: ''


Use npm test to run the tests. Use npm run cover to check coverage.




If you discover a bug, please raise an issue on Github.


Pull requests are very welcome. Please:

  • ensure all tests pass before submitting PR
  • add an entry to changelog
  • add tests for new features
  • document new functionality/API additions in README

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