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prop to describe color theme about react HOT 3 CLOSED

primer avatar primer commented on June 24, 2024
prop to describe color theme

from react.

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broccolini avatar broccolini commented on June 24, 2024 1

Here's a bunch of thoughts I have on this....

Currently styled-system uses bg for background color, and color for foreground. I prefer color over text since it can apply to more than just text (I know that's what we use now but I think this is a good chance to move away from it). It also matches the CSS property.

I think we should not use prop names that match utility props because that's confusing, and because often because we're applying a combination of colors.

Not sure how I feel about this yet but styled-system uses colors since it's applying multiple colors (see docs). I'm a tad worried folks would typo or mis-read, however it is easy to understand what it is. Theme works, however I agree that theme could be confusing and we probably want to reserve it for light/dark. colorScheme is not bad, though I'd prefer we keep prop names succinct so was considering if scheme is clear enough?

We can customize props in styled-system and use fg for foreground to avoid confusion with colors, however that's not the CSS property 😩. I know I know, neither is bg but it's such a common shorthand and at least uses one of the words from the CSS property 🙃.

Overall I prefer colors or scheme. As long as we don't use the same name as utility props like bg, I think we should just try something and get feedback when we have enough to test with - we can iterate :)

from react.

shawnbot avatar shawnbot commented on June 24, 2024

I'm wondering if we can get away with bg for some components, since that's clearly what it drives. I could see how it might be confusing, though, to be able to use bg="blue.1" for some components and bg="blue" for others, though.

What about even just color, which might map to a pairing of bg and text props for some components?

from react.

shawnbot avatar shawnbot commented on June 24, 2024

Agreed: scheme it is!

from react.

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