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This project forked from niklas9/django-unixdatetimefield

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Provides a UnixDateTimeField for your Django models.

License: BSD 3-Clause "New" or "Revised" License

Shell 1.97% Python 98.03%

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django-unixdatetimefield's Issues

There is a ValueError in the UnixDataTimeField.to_python() method

There is a ValueError in the UnixDataTimeField.to_python() method.

I will a copy the complete error message

Rapid solution:


-- coding: UTF-8 --

from future import unicode_literals

import datetime
import time

import django.db.models as models

from django.utils.dateparse import parse_datetime

class UnixDateTimeField(models.DateTimeField):

# TODO(niklas9):
# * should we take care of transforming between time zones in any way here ?
# * get default datetime format from settings ?
# TODO(niklas9):
# * metaclass below just for Django < 1.9, fix a if stmt for it?
#__metaclass__ = models.SubfieldBase
description = "Unix timestamp integer to datetime object"

def get_internal_type(self):
    return 'PositiveIntegerField'

def to_python(self, val):
    if val is None or isinstance(val, datetime.datetime):
        return val
    if isinstance(val,
        return datetime.datetime(val.year, val.month,
        date_value = datetime.datetime.fromtimestamp(float(val))
        return date_value            
    except ValueError:
        # parse the following value : ('2016-10-03 19:00:00+0200'
        date_value = parse_datetime(val)
        return date_value

def get_db_prep_value(self, val, *args, **kwargs):
    if val is None:  return None
    return int(time.mktime(val.timetuple()))

def value_to_string(self, obj):
    val = self._get_val_from_obj(obj)
    return self.to_python(val).strftime(self.DEFAULT_DATETIME_FMT)

def from_db_value(self, val, expression, connection, context):
    return self.to_python(val)

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