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This project forked from argyleink/gui-challenges

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Components from the YouTube show GUI Challenges: accessible, responsive, adaptive and cross browser components.

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License: Apache License 2.0

JavaScript 15.00% CSS 27.77% HTML 57.23%

gui-challenges's Introduction

GUI Challenges

I build interfaces my way, then challenge you to do it your way. With our creative minds combined, we'll find multiple ways to solve these interfaces and expand the diversity of our skills.

  1. Stories Demo YouTube Article
  2. Centering Demo YouTube Article
  3. Sidenav Demo YouTube Article
  4. Tabs Demo YouTube Article
  5. Settings Demo YouTube Article
  6. Split Text Demo YouTube Article
  7. Media Scroller Demo YouTube Article
  8. Color Schemes Demo YouTube Article
  9. Breadcrumbs Demo YouTube Article
  10. Switch Demo YouTube Article
  11. Split Buttons Demo YouTube Article
  12. Multi-Select Demo YouTube Article
  13. Game Menu Demo YouTube Article
  14. Toast Demo YouTube Article
  15. Theme Switch Demo YouTube Article
  16. SVG Favicon Demo YouTube Article
  17. Loading Bar Demo YouTube Article
  18. Dialog Demo YouTube Article
  19. Buttons Demo YouTube Article
  20. FABs Demo YouTube Article
  21. Carousels Demo YouTube
  22. Crooked Grid Illusion Demo YouTube Article
  23. Tooltips Demo YouTube Article
  24. Transitions Demo YouTube Article(coming soon)
  25. Card Stack Demo YouTube(coming soon) Article(coming soon)

gui-challenges's People


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