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A collection of helpful and educational resources I found on social media

helpful-tech-resources's Introduction

Helpful Tech Resources

Disclaimer: Please don't get stuck in 'tutorial hell'. Try to execute what you learned in a project or task of your own and then move on to the next interesting thing.

Over the last few months I spent a lot of time on social media, collecting all kinds of interesting, educational, and helpful resources. It was nearing the 100 links so I thought I would share them with the world, so here you go :)

Feel free to contact me on:
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Also don't forget to give this repository a star โญ if you like it to keep up with changes. Use these resources yourself or share them with people that it could be helpful to. Thank you!

Comments and Index

Not all of these resources are free. Paid: you have to pay for the product or for a subscription. Freemium: the resource is partly free, partly paid

Interactive Coding Courses

Name Languages Notes
The Odin Project
Focused on Web Development
Freemium - Focused on Web Development
Freemium - Focused on Machine Learning and Data Science
Focused on Machine Learning
Freemium - Has more languages than listed
Freemium - Has more languages than listed
Paid - Has more languages than listed
App Academy Open
GA Dash
Khan Academy
MongoDB University
Focused on NoSQL

Coding Challenges

Coding challenges can be really fun. It can also help you to understand the logic behind the code you're writing better and can help you with getting through tech interviews

Name Notes
Leetcode Freemium - Focused on code challenges used in big tech company interviews
Exercism Including free mentorship
Project Eulers Focused on math related coding challenges
Front-end mentors Focused on frontend challenges by making projects

Coding Project Inspiration

It's important to actually use what you learnt. Here are some long GitHub repositories to get some inspiration for your next project.

Name Notes
App Ideas By Florin Pop
Project Megalist By Karan Goel
Open Source Ideas
Project Based Learning

Coding - What to Learn Next

Name Notes
Bento Has multiple language tracks that help you find the best quality resources
Developer Roadmap Community made flowcharts for developers Focused on finding the best courses and tutorials
The Missing Semester of Your CS Education Focused on the aspects of being a developer that you may have missed

Blog Platforms

People learn from people. Write your own blogposts to teach and inspire other or find likeminded people that write posts about topics you're interested in.

Name Notes
Hashnode Focused on developers
DEV Has a podcast and video section too

Video Course Platforms

Do you learn best by watching videos? Find some really great courses, paid or free, on these platforms (or create your own).

Name Notes
Pluralsight Paid
Coursera Freemium
Udemy Freemium
Microsoft Learn
Skillshare Paid Freemium

Helpful GitHub Repositories

Name Notes
Awesome Awesome lists about all kind of interesting tech topics
You Don't Know JS In depth bookseries about JavaScript - By Kyle Simpson
Open Source Society University Path to self-taught education in Computer Science
Free Programming Books Freely available programming books in alot of languages
Free Certifications Curated list of free courses & certificates
30 Seconds of Code Short coding snippets for your development needs


Name Notes
Hack Design Recieve a design lesson in your inbox every week by a design pro
Figma - Learn Design Kick start your design education with lessons by Figma
Learn UX UI/UX video courses
Coursera - UI/UX Design Specialization Allround video course about UI/UX design
Awesome Design List with helpful design resources
unDraw Open Source and free illustrations for your projects
Free Design Resources Huge list of free design resources - By Bello Ololade

System Administration & Networks

Name Notes
Powershell Course
Windows Server Courses
Linux Unhatched
Linux Essentials
Introduction to Networks Paid
CMD Challenge Challenge your bash skills


Name Notes
Docker Curriculum
Docker and VS Code Tutorial
Awesome Docker Curated resource list all about Docker
Docker Cheatsheet PDF file
Learn Kuburnetes
Digital Ocean-Intro to Kuburnetes
CI/CD With Azure DevOps
CI/CD With GitHub Actions
Get Started With Azure
Awesome Azure Learning Curated resource list all about learning Azure
Get Started With AWS
Awesome AWS Curated resource list all about AWS

NoCode & Serverless

Name Notes
Wordpress No-Code Tutorials
Awesome NoCode/LowCode Curated resource list all about NoCode & LowCode
Azure Functions University By Marc Duiker
The Serverless Framework
Awesome Serverless Curated resource list all about serverless technology

Security & Hacking

Name Notes
Hacker101 CTF challenges and video courses
CoHackers Find a mentor in hacking
TryHackMe All kinds of courses on different levels
Hack The Box Virtual Machine challenges
Introduction to Cybersecurity Course (with certification) by Cisco
Awesome Security A curated resources list all about security


Looking for an API to use in your next project? Try one of these resources

Name Notes
RapidAPI Hub
Public APIs
API list
Awesome APIs


Name Notes
25 Studying Tips Scientifically proven tips to help you with effectively studying
Crash Course - Study Skills Video Course all about studying
What is The Pomodoro Technique How to study in small parts
Pomodoro Timer
The Best Note-Taking Methods
Cornell Note Taking

Technical Writing

If you need help with writing technical documentation or blogposts

Name Notes
Technical Writing Tutorial by JPDocu
Google Technical Writing Courses
Hemingway Editor


Name Notes
Break Into Tech (without coding) Focused on all kinds of information on how to get a tech job without being a developer
Developer Portfolio Inspiration Over 100 examples of developer portfolios - By Emma Bostian
Make your GitHub Page stand out Video course about how to make your GitHub page look amazing - By Eddie Jaoude
Get a Job Using LinkedIn YouTube Playlist full of tips on how to make your LinkedIn page better - By Danny Thompson
Open Source Internship Programs A curated list of all open source internship programs
Summer 2022 Internships A list of summer 2022 internship programs in the USA
The Forage Take part of a virtual work experience program and get hired
Tech Interview Handbook
Coding Interview University By John Washam
Awesome Interview Questions Links to frequently asked questions on tech interviews
Toastmasters Join a toastmasters group anywhere in the world to get better at public speaking

Cool Discord Communities

Name Notes
The Programmer Hangout Geared towards all kind of developers
Devcord Geared towards web developers
The Coding Den Geared towards developers that have questions / need help
Commit Your Code! Geared towards developers (+ career advice)
EddieHub Geared towards developers interested in open source
4C Geared towards people that create (tech) content online
Buildspace Geared towards developers interested in Web3

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