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Sails Co.'s Projects

machinepack-waterline icon machinepack-waterline

A database-agnostic connectivity library for sending queries, managing dynamic db connections, committing/rolling back transactions, and more.

nedb icon nedb

The JavaScript Database, for Node.js, nw.js, electron and the browser

request icon request

🏊🏾 A fork of the Request HTTP request client with ongoing maintenance from the Sails core team.

rodestead icon rodestead

Trusted semver ranges of core NPM packages, and manually-verified versions of 3rd party NPM packages used consistently across the Sails framework and other packages maintained by the Sails core team.

sails-angular2-seed icon sails-angular2-seed

A Sails 1.0 application showing how Angular2 can be used with the built-in grunt tasks.

sails-hook-grunt icon sails-hook-grunt

Implements support for the built-in asset pipeline and task runner in Sails.

skipper icon skipper

Streaming multi-uploads for Sails/Express - supports disk, S3, gridfs, and custom file adapters

treeline1 icon treeline1

Original version of the CLI tool for working with your Sails apps and machinepacks in Treeline IDE v1.0.

waterline-sql-builder icon waterline-sql-builder

Internal utility that builds SQL queries from Waterline statements using Knex (used by machinepack-mysql and machinepack-postgresql)

whelk icon whelk

Run a JavaScript function as a shell script in Node.js/Sails.js.

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