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Structured Node.js bindings for Postgresql.

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machinepack postgresql sailsjs waterline-driver

machinepack-postgresql's Introduction

node-machine logo machinepack-postgresql

Run queries against a PostgreSQL database.

Visit Waterline Driver Interface project for more background information about this package.

Installation   NPM version Build Status

$ npm install machinepack-postgresql --save


For the latest usage documentation, version information, and test status of this module, see machinepack-postgresql homepage. The generated manpage for each method contains a complete reference of all expected inputs, possible exit states, and example return values.


For more examples, or if you get stuck or have questions, click here.

Bugs   NPM version

To report a bug, click here.

Contributing   Build Status

Please observe the guidelines and conventions laid out in the Sails project contribution guide when opening issues or submitting pull requests.



Thanks to @brianc for all of his fantastic work on the pg package!


MIT © 2015-2017 The Sails Company

This package, like the Sails framework, is free and open-source under the MIT License.

machinepack-postgresql's People


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