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vermeer's Introduction

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This is a for-funsies site I made about my quest to visit all of the paintings by Vermeer known and shown.*

The site is pretty simple: four static pages, there isn't even a shared header 😱 but there is some fun data involved!

* Fun facts: there are probably some Vermeers out there that the world doesn't know about yet and there is at least one contested piece. There is also one that was stolen (therefore not publicly shown) and one that is privately owned (sometimes publicly shown).


I have a record of paintings and visits in this Google spreadsheet. I use Sheetsee.js to render them on the page—but not even enough of it, because I decided that since the data doesn't update frequently it's not worth it to fetch from Google each time. So I should simplify the templating note to self.

To get the data I use a Node script to fetch the data from Google Spreadsheets via Tabletop.js when I want to update it: assets/js/index.js. This generates data.json. I then reorganize the data so that it's nicely formatted for the stats.html page with get-stats.js. This generates stats.json.

Viewing/Using the site

Here are the options for cloning, using and viewing this site locally.

# Clone repository
git clone
# Go into repository
cd vermeer
# Install dependencies
npm install
# Update data.json
npm run data
# Update stats.json
npm run stats
# View locally
open index.html


Many thanks to the site Essential Vermeer which has my quest.

vermeer's People


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