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homebridge-daylight's Introduction


Daylight plugin for Homebridge that publishes a HomeKit accessory that emits an approximation of the expected amount of daylight according to the sunrise and sunset schedule for the configured location.

Time Period Current Light Level
Before Sunrise 0.0001lux
During Sunrise 0.0001lux to 100000.000lux (gradual)
Between Sunrise & Sunset 100000.000lux
During Sunset 100000.000lux to 0.0001lux (gradual)
After Sunset 0.0001lux

This is intended for use in triggering scenes using sunrise and sunset.


  1. Install Homebridge using: npm install -g homebridge
  2. Install this plugin using: npm install -g homebridge-daylight
  3. Use the Google Geocoder Tool to get your location coordinates.
  4. Update your Homebridge config.json using the sample below.


  "accessory": "Daylight",
  "location": {
    "lat": 37.3316936,
    "lng": -122.0302191
  "name": "Daylight Sensor"


  • accessory must be "Daylight" (required).
  • location contains your location coordinates (required).
  • name is the name of the published accessory (required).

homebridge-daylight's People


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homebridge-daylight's Issues

Probably wrong sun times

The module calculates lux based on the time difference between i.e. sunsetStart and sunset, which is i.e. in Central Europe a time span of 3 mins. I suggest that you change the time period from sunsetStart to dusk resp. dawn to sunriseEnd

Feaure Request: Offset

Hey, I was wondering if it would be possible to specify an offset time. It starts to get dark in my house around 1 hour before sunset. So it would be great if the lux transition started 60 minutes before sunset started still ending after sunset.

Would this be possible? Alternatively I wonder if making it start with goldenHour would do the same thing.

Use as a Trigger in HomeKit


thanks for sharing this plugin with us. I tried to set it up in Homebridge and so far everything seems to work fine. Homebridge knows the plugin and the Home app knows the service and shows the correct lux values. However I tried to set up a trigger based on this service (if lux value = 0.0001, then turn on the lights) and this does not seem to work.

Were you successful in using this service as a trigger?

Thanks in advance.

Doesn't Work, Missing Platform Name

I believe this plugin is deprecated due to not implementing the newest API for Homebridge. There is no platform name implemented and specifying it in the config doesn't do any good since the code doesn't use any such value.

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