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estraverse-fb icon estraverse-fb

Drop-in for estraverse that enables traversal over React's JSX nodes.

family-charades icon family-charades

Child-friendly charades webapp in which the phrases to guess are represented by pictures

fbjs icon fbjs

A collection of utility libraries used by other Facebook JS projects.

floating-tools icon floating-tools

Plugin for CKEditor to show an floating toolbar for quick access to formatting functions!

flow icon flow

Adds static typing to JavaScript to improve developer productivity and code quality.

flowgen icon flowgen

Generate flowtype definition files from TypeScript

gogs icon gogs

Gogs(Go Git Service) is a Self Hosted Git Service in the Go Programming Language.

gratituity icon gratituity

Minimally complex, maximally efficient tip calculator for iOS

grunt-svn-bump icon grunt-svn-bump

A work-in-progress Grunt plugin for bumping a version number in JSON files.

immutable-js icon immutable-js

Immutable persistent data collections for Javascript which increase efficiency and simplicity.

jank-free-onscroll icon jank-free-onscroll

A better, smoother, more performant window.onscroll event interface using requestAnimationFrame for performance and mobile-compatibility

jest icon jest

🃏 Painless JavaScript Testing.

lexical icon lexical

Lexical is an extensible text editor framework that provides excellent reliability, accessibility and performance.

lifestyle-addiction icon lifestyle-addiction

Development for pages within Concordia’s Research Chair on Gambling website

lodash-amd icon lodash-amd

A collection of Lo-Dash methods as AMD modules.

mackup icon mackup

Keep your application settings in sync (OS X/Linux)

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