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mobile-preview icon mobile-preview

Atom Editor package that opens either a remote/local url or your current file in a mobile preview panel

mongoose icon mongoose

MongoDB object modeling designed to work in an asynchronous environment.

muacsn-services icon muacsn-services

Single-Page Application to live at and provide an interface for finding health services in Montreal

onscrolling icon onscrolling

A better, smoother, more performant window.onscroll event interface using requestAnimationFrame for performance and mobile-compatibility

photog icon photog

Project app for OneMonth iOS course

posthaste icon posthaste

Wordpress plugin that allows you to create posts (of any built-in or custom post type) from the frontend in any theme. Features include support for custom taxonomies and post thumbnails, flexibility of placement, and a rich text editor.

pp-notifications icon pp-notifications

Enable and control email notifications for important events in Prospress

processing-js icon processing-js

A port of the Processing visualization language to JavaScript.

react-color icon react-color

:art: Color Pickers from Sketch, Photoshop, Chrome & more

reagent icon reagent

A minimalistic ClojureScript interface to React.js

redo icon redo

Playground for experimenting with Reagent

redux-saga icon redux-saga

An alternative side effect model for Redux apps

remix-utils icon remix-utils

A set of utility functions and types to use with

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