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Codegen project for our business SDKs

License: MIT License

JavaScript 15.50% Java 13.27% HTML 0.51% PHP 36.54% CSS 0.23% Python 12.36% Ruby 9.00% Kotlin 0.34% Mustache 12.27%

facebook-business-sdk-codegen's Introduction

Facebook Business SDK Codegen


This project contains all the code to auto generate Facebook Business SDKs (php, python, nodejs, ruby, java). There are three parts of this project :

  • JSON schema representation of the Graph API endpoints.
  • Mustache template for 5 languages.
  • Codegen scripts.


Install Node.js

Install all dependencies by npm : npm install

Codegen SDK

npm run build && node lib/CodeGenerator.js <language>


During debug, if you want to compare with the generated SDK to our current SDK code, you can specific the output folder by using -o :

npm run build && node lib/CodeGenerator.js <language> -o outputDir

If you want to keep git config in outputDir, you can specific only cleanup source code by using -c , for example:

npm run build && node lib/CodeGenerator.js php -o ../facebook-php-business-sdk/ -c src/


Facebook Codegen for Business SDKs is licensed under the LICENSE file in the root directory of this source tree.

facebook-business-sdk-codegen's People


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facebook-business-sdk-codegen's Issues

Cannot run CodeGenerator.js



Describe your dev environment here, giving as many details as possible. If you have them, make sure to include:

  • Node Version: 15.14.0
  • NPM Version: 7.7.6


What do you want to achieve?

I want to run CodeGenerator.js as the described.
The command I used to run: npm run build && node lib/CodeGenerator.js python

Expected Results

What do you expect to happen?
CodeGenerator.js successfully executed.

Actual Results

Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, open '/Users/james/Downloads/programmation/sdk/servers/python/release/'

What actually happened? Can you provide a stack trace?
It is not able to find the sdk folder. In fact, these are the folders named sdk: (find . -name "sdk" -type d)

Also, it is trying to access the parent folder of the repo. (the cwd is: /Users/james/Downloads/programmation/facebook-business-sdk-codegen)

Taking a look at how this path is generated, the path is written inapi_specs/version_path.json, and src/common/Utils.js: loadDefaultSDKVersion went 3 directories back, but __dirname is facebook-business-sdk-codegen/lib/common.

Steps to Reproduce

What are the steps necessary to reproduce this issue?
npm install && npm run build && node lib/CodeGenerator.js python

Code Samples & Details

Please provide a code sample, as well as any additional details, to help us track down the issue. If you can provide a link to a test project that allows us to reproduce the issue, this helps us immensely in both the speed and quality of the fix.

Note: Remember to format your code for readability:

npm install && npm run build && node lib/CodeGenerator.js python

Feature Request: Add missing types for nested Objects (such as Ads/insights/filtering)


  • I've updated to the latest released version
  • I've searched for existing feature requests on GitHub issues
  • I've read the Code of Conduct
  • I've given my issue the title: Feature Request: [name of my feature request]


Be able to fully validate and describe the API, align to official references documentation

Expected Results

I expect a field like filtering to contain list<FilterObject> or list<AdRuleFilter> and not list<Object>

Code Samples & Details


    "apis": [],
    "fields": [
            "name": "field",
            "type": "string"
            "name": "operator",
            "type": "Filters_operator"
            "name": "value",
            "type": "Object"


                    "name": "filtering",
                    "required": false,
                    "type": "list<FilterObject>"


Missing Call-to-Action enum CALL_NOW



I'm using the Java Business sdk v10.0.1.


Use a call to action type of CALL_NOW, as shown in examples here:

Expected Results

SDKs contain an enum value of CALL_NOW in EnumType for AdCreativeLinkDataCallToAction

Code Samples & Details

The enum_types.json file in this project doesn't contain the CALL_NOW call-to-action enum value.

Related to this, the Java Business SDK method AdCreativeLinkDataCallToAction.setFieldType has only one implementation where the first argument is the EnumType. A different solution might be to include an overloaded method in the SDK with a String type argument instead.

Also reported here

FacebookAds\Object\AdAccount -> createAdCreative() not handling the exception properly.


  • I've updated to the latest released version (facebook/php-ads-sdk": "5.0")
  • I've searched for existing GitHub issues
  • I've looked for existing answers on Stack Overflow and the Facebook Developers Group
  • This issue is not security related and can safely be disclosed publicly on GitHub


facebook/php-ads-sdk": "5.0.*


I want to create new Creative while creating a new ad. If it fails then returns specific message returned from FB API.

Expected Results

Speicifc errpr message return from FB API like "The image couldn't be downloaded. Please wait a few minutes and try again."
What do you expect to happen?

Actual Results

"array_key_exists() expects parameter 2 to be array, null given".

What actually happened? Can you provide a stack trace?
{ "error": { "message": "Invalid parameter", "type": "OAuthException", "code": 100, "error_data": "null", "error_subcode": 1487833, "is_transient": true, "error_user_title": "Image wasn't downloaded", "error_user_msg": "Your image, https://someimage.png, couldn't be downloaded. Please wait a few minutes and try again.", "fbtrace_id": "AGIA_kW9Khu9XO05piwiXuw" } }

Steps to Reproduce

We can't provide token and other details for securoty reasons. You can just try to create a new creative by using following payload.

Code Samples & Details

{ "access_token": "XXX", "object_type": "SHARE", "object_story_spec": { "page_id": "XXX", "link_data": { "message": "Some message", "link": "", "name": "test", "picture": "", "description": "Some descriotion", "call_to_action": { "type": "LEARN_MORE", "value": { "lead_gen_form_id": "XXX" } } } } }

Now, whenever a exception occurs getData(); method not handling that properly and not returning appropriate error message.

API call

$adAccount = new AdAccount('act_<ad_account_id>'');
$creative = $adAccount->createAdCreative([], $payload)->getData();

This function is calling createAdCreative() method in FacebookAds\Object\AdAccount class

public function createAdCreative(array $fields = array(), array $params = array(), $pending = false) {
	// Code stuff

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