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KD Chang's Projects

banvas icon banvas

a service to create social business card website

banvas-ios icon banvas-ios

an ios app focus on scanner the QR-code business card

beautytab icon beautytab

BeautyTab 表特分頁是一個 Chrome Extension 應用程式,安裝BeautyTab 表特分頁後,當您開啟新的分頁將會出現賞心悅目的表特圖片,您可以選擇喜翻收藏或是點選不喜翻選擇下一個 Beauty,直到您喜歡的Beauty 出現為止。

dr.find icon dr.find

Dr.Find is a platform that make people can find the suitable doctor easier.

frontend-starter-kit icon frontend-starter-kit

Just a light-weight front-end development boilerplate. (NodeJS/NPM/ES6/Bower/Gulp/Sass/Babel/Babelify/Browserify)

growth-hacking-resources icon growth-hacking-resources

:rocket: 成長駭客/增長黑客(Growth Hacker)學習資源彙總。A collection of growth hacking resources.

huhu icon huhu

Huhu (狐狐) is a browser bookmarklet that make you can keep a Firefox pet in your browser.

launchbox icon launchbox

LaunchBox is a online meal reservation system build by PHP & MySQL. This a tutorial for back-end newbie to learn how to build a website with Native PHP.

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