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Shane O'Sullivan's Projects

didstripeipoyet icon didstripeipoyet

Silly website tracking whether or not Stripe has completed its long awaited, and frankly long overdue, initial public offering

example-gradient-fill icon example-gradient-fill

This repo contains a simple example showing how to implement a responsive, fast linear gradient fill on a web application using OffscreenCanvas, globalCompositeOperation and Web Workers

folder-backup-service icon folder-backup-service

folder-backup-service empties one or more folders, moving the contents into another folder, keeping it empty at all times. It can be installed as a service on a Mac to run continuously.

formidable icon formidable

A node.js module for parsing form data, especially file uploads.

gitmeme icon gitmeme

Gitmeme is a fun application for adding memes and gifs to Github comments

lazylist icon lazylist

A website that provides a fun way to build play lists in Spotify

module-grapher icon module-grapher

Node library for resolving and graphing Common JS module dependencies.

nextjsliteexample icon nextjsliteexample

A simple example project that shows how to set up a NextJS project with server side rendering, and simple build tools for the minimal amount of client side Javascript

openai-node icon openai-node

The official Node.js / Typescript library for the OpenAI API

react icon react

React is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces.

react-page icon react-page

Easy Application Development with React JavaScript

react-trello icon react-trello

Pluggable components to add a trello-like kanban board to your application

reactdependentscript icon reactdependentscript

React component that loads another JavaScript file before rendering it's child components

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