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BICs (Bridge IC) are standalone devices deployed within a Data Center that enable monitoring a multi-host system using a single BMC device.

License: Apache License 2.0

C 98.56% CMake 0.64% Python 0.77% Shell 0.03%

openbic's Introduction

OpenBIC is an open software framework to build a complete firmware image for a BridgeIC.

Platform Status Description
obat-cb badge Artemis Colter Bay
obgt-cc badge Grand Teton Cascade Creek
obwc-mb badge Waimea Canyon Mainboard
oby3-dl badge Yosemite v3 Delta Lake
oby3-vf badge Yosemite v3 Vernal Falls
oby35-bb badge Yosemite v3.5 Baseboard
oby35-cl badge Yosemite v3.5 Crater Lake
oby35-gl badge Yosemite v3.5 Great Lakes Board
oby35-hd badge Yosemite v3.5 Half Dome
oby35-rf badge Yosemite v3.5 Rainbow Falls Board



Currently supported RTOS

OpenBIC functionality is written using the CMSIS RTOS API as an RTOS wrapper. This allows for RTOS agnostic design and feature implementations.

The currently supported RTOSs are:

  • Zephyr

Currently supported Boards

The board configuration files can be found in the configs/ directory.

The currently supported boards are:


Build Instructions


The SDK develop environment is based on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS โ€“ 64bits and bash shell. The following tools must be installed on the host machine.

Dependencies minimum required:

Cmake: 3.20.0
Python: 3.6
Devicetree compiler: 1.4.6

Install dependencies:

sudo apt install --no-install-recommends git cmake ninja-build gperf \
ccache dfu-util device-tree-compiler wget \
python3-dev python3-pip python3-setuptools python3-tk python3-wheel xzutils file \
make gcc gcc-multilib g++-multilib libsdl2-dev

Download Zephyr package: Install west, and make sure ~/.local/bin is on your PATH environment variable:

pip3 install --user -U west
echo 'export PATH=~/.local/bin:"$PATH"' >> ~/.bashrc
source ~/.bashrc

Get the application and Zephyr code base from openbic GitHub.

Note: First step will only work after west.yml being merged **

west init -m zephyrproject
cd zephyrproject
west update

Install the toolchain:

cd ~

Run the installer, installing the SDK in ~/zephyr-sdk-0.12.4:

chmod +x
./ -- -d ~/zephyr-sdk-0.12.4

Build Steps

Clean build application and Zephyr code

cd $zephyrproject/openbic.odm
touch meta-facebook/yv35-cl/CMakeLists.txt
west build -p auto -b ast1030_evb meta-facebook/yv35-cl/


Git Hooks

This repository uses clang-format to format all c code. Getting code merged requires that it conforms to the clang-format style file.

The easiest way to do this is to copy the git pre-commit hook from the scripts directory so that the code is automatically formatted whenever code is added to a commit.

cp scripts/hooks/pre-commit .git/hooks/


OpenBIC is Apache 2.0 licensed

openbic's People


amithash avatar andy-wiwynn avatar cjcon90 avatar eddie043 avatar elihuang-wiwynn avatar felixturgeonmeta avatar garnermic avatar goldenbug avatar hungyi-li avatar ian-i-chien avatar ingridchen-wiwynn avatar jerry-wiwynn avatar johnharbold avatar kaidanwu-wiwynn avatar loralin1 avatar marshallzhan-wiwynn avatar mouchenhung-quanta avatar peterdelevoryas avatar quanta-irenelin avatar quanta-yangchen avatar renchen-wiwynn avatar rickywu-wiwynn avatar saralin-wiwynn avatar scron-chang avatar victor-jhong avatar wayneliu-wiwynn avatar williamspatrick avatar ygong99 avatar yi-shum avatar youngli123 avatar


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openbic's Issues

GPIO interrupt trigger fail

Hi @rainlinWW,

In irq_callback(), gpio_isr_info is a global variable.
So if two GPIO interrupts are triggered at the same time, only one will be added to the work queue.

The GPIO trigger interrupt flow is as follows:
irq_callback() -> gpio_isr_handler() -> interrupt callback function defined in plat_gpio_cfg[]
Could we remove the function gpio_isr_handler() and directly add the GPIO callback function into workqueue?


Modify code for sensor reading

Hi @DelphineChiu,

We want to modify the code for sensor reading, including:

  1. The member init_args in struct sensor_cfg should only be used in the function DeviceName_init().
    So we want to add a private data member that will be used in other functions such as DeviceName_read().
  2. Add the header files for each sensor.
  3. Changed ADC amplification calculation from arg0 and arg1 to post_sensor_read_hook and post_sensor_read_args.

Do you have any suggestions for this?


Let ME cold reset before accessing PMIC

Hi @LoraLin1

In this PR #278, it will cold reset ME before setting PMIC config.

Is this action necessary? What's the purpose?

We got some issues caused by ME cold reset.

Do you have the same problem?

[IEH] error found at IEH(S:0x0 B:0xFE D:0x0 F:0x3) Sev: IEH CORRECT ERROR
[IEH] ErrorStatus 0x40, MaxBitIdx 0x1D
[IEH] BitIdx 0x6, ShareIdx 0x0
[IEH] error device is (S:0x0 B:0x0 D:0x0 F:0x4) BitIdx 0x6, ShareIdx 0x0 [IEH] error found at IEH(S:0x0 B:0x0 D:0x0 F:0x4) Sev: IEH CORRECT ERROR
[IEH] ErrorStatus 0x1, MaxBitIdx 0xA
Clearing Local Error Status for Error Source 5, Error Severity 1, Error Status 0x4000, Device Type SPD I3C Bus
ERROR: Class:3000000; Subclass:70000; Operation: 1008


Wrong order of return value of CMD_OEM_GET_GPIO command

Hi @rainlinWW,

The return value of CMD_OEM_GET_GPIO in Zephyr is different with freeRTOS.
In FreeRTOS BIC, bit 7 is the value of GPIOA0 and bit 0 is the value of GPIOA7.
In Zephyr BIC, bit 0 is the value of GPIOA0 and bit 7 is the value of GPIOA7, and this is same as YV3.

This different causes OS fail to start.


IPMB RX polling delay and TX sleep time

Hi @rainlinWW,

When we run ASD cscript on BMC, it takes more time than YV3, because IPMB TX and RX will sleep 10 milliseconds after sending and receiving a packet.
If we reduce the sleep time, it will improve.

What is the reason for waiting 10 milliseconds on IPMB TX and RX?


The build steps/configs

Hi @rainlinWW,

We found that the released firmware (xxxx.bin) size is much different with UART firmware (uart_xxxx.bin),

For example:
oby35-cl-2022.01.01.bin about 321KB
uart_oby35-cl-2022.01.01.bin about 261KB

We follow to build.

Both xxxx.bin and uart_xxxx.bin size are almost the same (about 261KB).

Is there any steps/configs we miss?

We just want to make sure our build steps is OK.


Sensor ID of FIO Temp

Hi @rainlinWW,

We want to confirm the ID of SENSOR_NUM_TEMP_TMP75_FIO(0x03), because it would affect fscd.
The ID of this sensor is "FIO Temp" now and had been modified several times since POC.


Add OEM platform command

Hi @rainlinWW,

In order to debug or get some server's info while BIC running, we have a suggestion to add an OEM platform command in BIC console which may includes GPIO get/set or other topics in further.
Is that ok for you?

p.s. Bellow is one of the example from current work.



I2C master write read question

Hi @DelphineChiu

We have a question about master write read command (NF:0x06, CMD:0x52).

In yv3, command's bus-id uses 0-base, but 1-base in yv3.5. Is that reasonable for you?

By the way, 0-base is specified in ipmi spec.


Priority of system workqueue

Hi @rainlinWW,

The system work queue priority is -1 now.


GPIO set questions

Hi @rainlinWW,

We have two questions about gpio settings.

Q1. Open drain pin settings
There's a scenario that OPEN DRAIN pin would set to OUTPUT(Initial direction is INPUT ) while setting it to low. Is this a normal behavior?

p.s. Take GPIO_B6 (FM_S3M_CPU0_CD_INIT_ERROR) as example. In table plat_gpio_cfg[],

Q2. GPIO initial settings
Why does gpio_set() need to do twice in gpio_init()? If we only keep the second one, would anything goes wrong?


The feature of reading VR sensor for TI and Infineon

Hi @rainlinWW,

Do we have a plan to implement following features?

  1. sensor reading for TI VR
  2. sensor reading for Infineon VR
  3. stop only VR sensor polling for VR update (NetFn 0x38, Command 0x14)
    Currently BMC use stop all sensor polling for updating Infineon VR (NetFn 0x38, Command 0x30)


Need a reference Y35BCL.elf for QEMU testing

For QEMU testing, it would be great if there was a public reference image to test against, so that people don't have to build images themselves. I built an image and created a release in my fork, if you just add this to the release assets for the 2022.13.01 release I think it would be more official than linking to my forked repo.

Output from upstream qemu:

$ ./build/qemu-system-arm -machine ast1030-evb -kernel Y35BCL.elf -serial mon:stdio -display none
[00:00:00.004,000] <inf> usb_dc_aspeed: select ep[0x81] as IN endpoint
[00:00:00.005,000] <inf> usb_dc_aspeed: select ep[0x82] as IN endpoint
[00:00:00.005,000] <wrn> usb_dc_aspeed: pre-selected ep[0x1] as IN endpoint
[00:00:00.005,000] <wrn> usb_dc_aspeed: pre-selected ep[0x2] as IN endpoint
[00:00:00.005,000] <inf> usb_dc_aspeed: select ep[0x3] as OUT endpoint
*** Booting Zephyr OS build v00.01.04  ***
Hello, wellcome to yv35 craterlake 2022.13.1

uart:~$ Failed to read expansion present from CPLD
I2C 0 master write retry reach max
Failed to set class type to CPLD)
Failed to read board ID from CPLD
BIC class type(class-1), 1ou present status(0), 2ou present status(0), board revision(0xf)
Not found change threshold sensor
Not found change threshold sensor
Not found change threshold sensor
Not found change threshold sensor
Not found change threshold sensor
Not found change threshold sensor
Not found change threshold sensor

Include different header of cmsis

Hi @rainlinWW,

The code includes two kinds of cmsis header(cmsis_os.h and cmsis_os2.h).
The value of "osPriorityBelowNormal" is different in these headers, should they all use same header?


Questions about IPMB

Hi @rainlinWW,

We have some questions about IPMB design.

  1. In function ipmb_send_response() and ipmb_send_request(), the waiting time to put message into queue is K_forever.
    Should it set a appropriate timeout value?
  2. The queue size of ipmb_txqueue and ipmb_rxqueue is 1 and 2.
    Is there any reason to set this size?
  3. In ipmb_read(), the mutex lock and mutex unlock function doesn't check the return value.


BIC warm reset error

Hi @rainlinWW,

BIC does not work after warm reboot, but cold reboot works normally.
Have you run into this problem?


IPMB_TXTask wait forever when bridge message from host fail

Hi @rainlinWW,

We have an issue about IPMB_TXTask.
If BMC and host reboot at the same time, the bridge message from host will fail with the maximum number of retries.
In IPMB_TXTask, it will respond CC_NODE_BUSY to KCS and wait forever in function ipmb_send_response().


Event data of FRB3/CATERR

Hi @rainlinWW,

The value of FRB3, IERR and MCERR is different from Yv3 in sdr.h.
Should we modify it to be the same as Yv3?

event data Yv3 Yv3.5


IPMI get sensor reading

Hi @rainlinWW,

The get sensor reading commands (0x04 0x2d, 0x38 0x23) reply completion code 0xC0 (Node Busy) when the sensor is unreadable.
But in YV3, BIC reply completion code 0x00 with three response data 0x00 0x00 0xE0.
Should we follow YV3?


YV3.5 CL: read wrong board revision

Hi @DelphineChiu,

We have an issue on CraterLaker EVT3A. BIC reads wrong board revision(0x00) from CPLD when boot.
This issue can be reproduced using 12V cycle.
It results in incorrect sensor readings from the temperature sensor and HSC.
Do you have the same issue?


Questions about TEMP_SSD0 (0x0D)

Hi @rainlinWW,

We have a question about sensor reading on TEMP_SSD0 (0x0D). Why there's no ".cache" value given while sensor reading back with 0x80. I know that this scenario might be happened sometime. But in this case, BIC sensor polling might read back last(including correct value or even 0xFF if read failed last time) or unknown value which cause wrong reading issue.


OpenBIC MCTP/PLDM implementation

Hi @rainlinWW,

Because another new project needs to support MCTP and PLDM, do you have a development plan?
If not, Quanta will start to develop it to meet the project schedule.


DIMM PMIC sensors problem

Hi @DelphineChiu,

We found a problem about DIMM PMIC power sensors. There's an error setting in init_args "pmic_init_args" which should be
pmic_init_arg pmic_init_args[] = {
[0] = { .is_init = false, .smbus_bus_identifier = 0x00, .smbus_addr = 0x90 },
[1] = { .is_init = false, .smbus_bus_identifier = 0x00, .smbus_addr = 0x98 },
[2] = { .is_init = false, .smbus_bus_identifier = 0x00, .smbus_addr = 0x9C },
[3] = { .is_init = false, .smbus_bus_identifier = 0x01, .smbus_addr = 0x90 },
[4] = { .is_init = false, .smbus_bus_identifier = 0x01, .smbus_addr = 0x98 },
[5] = { .is_init = false, .smbus_bus_identifier = 0x01, .smbus_addr = 0x9C }


Move relevant Yv3.5 BB code to common.

The initial commit from this PR [#111] needs to have duplicate code refactored into the common libraries

As you mentioned., The biggest things I noticed were ipmi related such as code in:

  • ipmi/usb_ipmi.c
  • ipmi/plat_ipmi.c
  • ipmi/include/fw_update.h (These seem to be identical between the 2)

Some declarations of common sensor functions are not matched to their corresponding definitions.

Hi @DelphineChiu

I got some error messages from the Build and Analyze: run-cppcheck task.

Files to check:
Errors Found:
common/service/sensor/sensor.c:274:26:Function 'stby_access' argument 1 names different: declaration 'sensor_num' definition 'sensor_number'.
common/service/sensor/sensor.c:279:24:Function 'dc_access' argument 1 names different: declaration 'sensor_num' definition 'sensor_number'.
common/service/sensor/sensor.c:284:26:Function 'post_access' argument 1 names different: declaration 'sensor_num' definition 'sensor_number'.
common/service/sensor/sensor.c:289:24:Function 'me_access' argument 1 names different: declaration 'sensor_num' definition 'sensor_number'.

The root cause should be some declarations don't match their corresponding definition.
For instance,

bool stby_access(uint8_t sensor_number)
return true;

bool stby_access(uint8_t sensor_num);

What would you suggest to handle this issue?

IPMB transfer function shall be refactored


Request from:

The function IPMB_TXTask() should be broken out as it is over 300 lines long and tries to handle all
interfaces. It would be better to create separate functions for each interface and not have it as
a large if/else-if/else-if/else type structure.

HSC init

Hi @rainlinWW,

"hsc_init()" doesn't be called by any process.

The "PMON_CONFIG" still use the default setting.

[email protected]:~# bic-util slot1 0x18 0x52 0x05 0x80 0x02 0xD4 14 07

Could you help check this?


Questions about PR #108

Hi @Yi-Shum

In PR #108 , is there any issue about malloc ipmi_msg so you have to modify it to declare directly instead?
From our point of view, malloc big size variable like ipmi_msg can reduce memory usage in thread stack, which means we can reduce size of all threads calling this function.

Also, for events that requires delay, suggest using k_work instead of creating extra thread and occupy kernel memory.

[EVT] The release schedule for Y35BCL_EVT2

Hi @rainlinWW,

From "YV3.5_FW_Table_ODMA_2021_1206.xlsl", the next BIC release will be 12/16.

Is that correct?

The next BIC release which include I2C drive patch is more stable for BMC/BIC communication.

We need this version for the next EVT build.

So we want to know the schedule.


OEM command send_interrupt_to_BMC

Hi @rainlinWW,

Quanta is testing ASD function now.
When testing ASD, we need to used OEM command 0x38 0x07 to send GPIO interrupt to BMC , but this command is now used as sensor polling enable.

In YV3, sensor poll enable is 0x38 0x30, and send interrupt to BMC is 0x38 0x07.
Will Wiwynn followed the command used on YV3 in the future?


BIC firmware update is unstable

Hi @rainlinWW,

We tested the stability of the BIC firmware update, which was updated 1504 times and failed 208 times.
Have you encountered this problem?


1ou BIC update fail

Hi @DelphineChiu,

Have you encountered the problem of failing to update 1ou BIC from BMC when DC on?

When updating 1ou BIC, the expected flow of motherboard BIC is:
Get bridge command from BMC -> send update message to 1ou BIC -> insert this message to node
-> get response from 1ou BIC -> find message from node, send response to BMC if found

This issue is occurred when the step 3 "insert this message to node" is later than the step 5 "find message in node".
It cause BMC timeout and send same packet again, then 1ou BIC update will fail.

We will swap the order of step 2 and 3 to solve this problem.
Do you have any suggestion for this?


BIC cold-reboot issue

Hi @rainlinWW,

We recently encountered an BIC reboot issue. Host would hang-up while sending cold-reboot command(0x06,0x02). Have you seen this problem before?


HSC power threshold

Hi @rainlinWW,

The UCT of "HSC Input Pwr" is set to 178W, but it's set to 480W in YV3 project.

Our power team stress the HSC power to 480W,

For my understanding, it should be 480W, right?


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