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Josh Watzman's Projects

arrgh icon arrgh

Alternate Reddit Reader for Grazing Humans

beatbox icon beatbox

Git mirror of BeatBox SVN repository

homebrew icon homebrew

:beer: The missing package manager for OS X.

javelin icon javelin

Large, bloated Javascript framework with an unintuitive, verbose syntax and very few features. Browsing its inelegant, poorly written source is an unwelcome experience.

linguist icon linguist

Language Savant. If your repository's language is being reported incorrectly, send us a pull request!

livemarks icon livemarks

Extension that restores RSS Feed Livemarks in Firefox.

murderisinthecards icon murderisinthecards

A deductive board game for 3-6 players, in the style of Clue/Cluedo. Played with human opponents, in real-time over the internet.

ocaml icon ocaml

Read-only mirror of INRIA SVN

openbench icon openbench

OpenBench is a Distributed SPRT Testing Framework for Chess Engines

openchronos icon openchronos

My modifications of OpenChronos for my girlfriend's watch

oss-performance icon oss-performance

Scripts for benchmarking various PHP implementations when running open source software.

pebminders icon pebminders

Short, daily reminders appearing on a pebble watchface

sequelize icon sequelize

Feature-rich ORM for modern Node.js and TypeScript, it supports PostgreSQL (with JSON and JSONB support), MySQL, MariaDB, SQLite, MS SQL Server, Snowflake, Oracle DB (v6), DB2 and DB2 for IBM i.

sfbprofiler icon sfbprofiler

web RPG profiler built with SML and Facebook connect

twig icon twig

Twig, the flexible, fast, and secure template language for PHP

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