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Alibaba's Projects

tdh_socket icon tdh_socket

TDH_Socket_Plugin_for_MySQL is a MySQL plugin which like HandlerSocket.

tengine icon tengine

A distribution of Nginx with some advanced features

terraform-provider icon terraform-provider

[DEPRECATED] This repo has been deprecated and please access

tfs icon tfs

TFS (Taobao File System) is a distributed file system similar to GFS.

thera icon thera

Thera is an integrated development environment(IDE) powered by aimed for improving mobile hybrid solution develop experience, such as weex, luaview, react native.

tinyneuralnetwork icon tinyneuralnetwork

TinyNeuralNetwork is an efficient and easy-to-use deep learning model compression framework.

tmviewtrackersdk icon tmviewtrackersdk

ViewTracker is a sdk can help Developers to collect exposure and click events automatically.

tofu.js icon tofu.js

The official web framework for WebAR.

top icon top

Taobao Open API Client

tprofiler icon tprofiler


trafficserver icon trafficserver

Alibaba's TrafficServer (with those patches not accepted by the Apache TrafficServer community yet)

transmittable-thread-local icon transmittable-thread-local

📌 TransmittableThreadLocal (TTL), a missing Java™ std lib(simple & 0-dependency) for framework/middleware, provide an enhanced InheritableThreadLocal that transmits values between threads even using thread pooling components.

trescope icon trescope

Trescope is a comprehensive 3D machine learning development tool devoted to improve developing experience and speed in 3D field, which helps researchers and developers to label, debug, visualize various 3D data

tsar icon tsar

Taobao System Activity Reporter

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